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Adventures of Kid Danger, The
Adventures of Kid Danger, The

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 15 January 2018

Animated spin-off of "Henry Danger."

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Alien Babies Tara Strong "Clone Babies"
Announcer Ian James Corlett "YooHooTube"
  Sean Schemmel "Wet Doom"
Audience Girl Jill Benjamin "Game of Drones"
Automated Voice Carlos Alazraqui "Tiny Toddler"
Barista Tara Strong "YooHooTube"
Bear Dee Bradley Baker "OctoCharlotte"
Big Dingus Dan Schneider "Texas Weiners"
Boat Witch #1 Kari Wahlgren "Trouble in Tropikini"
Bruce Jeffrey Nicholas Brown "The Wahoo Punch Bro"
Bullhorn Dee Bradley Baker "Pink Rocket"
  Tara Strong "Pink Rocket"
Butt Head Man Roger Craig Smith "Magical Beefery Tour"
Butterfly Tara Strong "Game of Drones"
Captain Man / Ray Manchester Cooper Barnes
Carnival Barker Carlos Alazraqui "Texas Weiners"
Carol Lori Alan "Magical Beefery Tour"
Cat Woman Tara Strong "YooHooTube"
Cats Dee Bradley Baker "YooHooTube"
Charlotte Page Riele Downs
Cheerleader #1 Grey Griffin "Cheer Beast"
Clone Babies Tara Strong "Clone Babies"
College Girl Nika Futterman "Texas Weiners"
Computer Voice Kari Wahlgren "Flying Spiders"
Cow Dee Bradley Baker "Magical Beefery Tour"
Crew Guy Winston Story "The Wahoo Punch Bro"
Customer #1 Dee Bradley Baker "YooHooTube"
Customer #2 Lori Alan "Magical Beefery Tour"
  Ian James Corlett "YooHooTube"
Customer #3 Nika Futterman "YooHooTube"
Customer #4 Ian James Corlett "YooHooTube"
Customer #6 Tara Strong "YooHooTube"
Daddy Longlegs Dan Schneider "Flying Spiders"
David Lee Roth Carlos Alazraqui "Texas Weiners"
Derf Robbie Daymond "Tiny Toddler"
Distressed Man Daniel Ross "Trouble in Tropikini"
Doc Jake Farrow "Popcorn Monster"
Dr. Minyak Mike Ostroski
Drill Finger Ben Giroux "The Sushi Sitter"
Elderly Woman Kari Wahlgren "Flying Spiders"
Fish #1 Ben Giroux "Fish Talker"
  Dan Schneider "Fish Talker"
Frankini Frankie Grande "Magical Beefery Tour"
Frog Dee Bradley Baker "Texas Weiners"
George Turtel Fred Stoller "Flying Spiders"
Gibby Gibson Ben Giroux "The Sushi Sitter"
Gilligan Ben Giroux "Fish Talker"
Girl Tara Strong "Tiny Toddler"
Girl #1 Kari Wahlgren "Game of Drones"
Girls Mariel Sheets "Pink Rocket"
  Tara Strong "Pink Rocket"
Goomer Zoran Korach "Magical Beefery Tour"
Goon #1 Carlos Alazraqui "Tiny Toddler"
Goon #2 Richard Steven Horvitz "Tiny Toddler"
Guy #1 Dan Schneider "Wet Doom"
Guy #2 Sean Schemmel "Wet Doom"
Guy #3 Jake Farrow "Wet Doom"
High Ranking Volcaniac #1 Mick Wingert
High Ranking Volcaniac #2 Ben Giroux "Trouble in Tropikini"
High Ranking Volcaniac #3 Daniel Ross "Trouble in Tropikini"
Hipster Ian James Corlett "YooHooTube"
Hot Teen Guy Dee Bradley Baker "YooHooTube"
Jake Jake Farrow "Wet Doom"
Jake Hart Jeffrey Nicholas Brown
Jasper Dunlop Sean Ryan Fox
Jon Lovitz Dan Schneider "The Sushi Sitter"
Junior Nika Futterman "Texas Weiners"
Katie Mariel Sheets "Pink Rocket"
Katie's Mom Tara Strong "Pink Rocket"
Kid #1 Dee Bradley Baker "Pink Rocket"
  Tara Strong "Game of Drones"
Kid #2 Tara Strong "Pink Rocket"
Kid Danger / Henry Hart Jace Norman
Kid Danger / Henry Hart (young) Kari Wahlgren "Pink Rocket"
Kid in Crowd Sean Ryan Fox "Pink Rocket"
Kids Carlos Alazraqui "Texas Weiners"
  Nika Futterman "Texas Weiners"
Killer Whale Dan Schneider "Fish Talker"
Kitten Dee Bradley Baker "YooHooTube"
Kobe Dee Bradley Baker "Magical Beefery Tour"
Lana Candi Milo "Trouble in Tropikini"
Larvin Richard Steven Horvitz "Popcorn Monster," "OctoCharlotte," "Cheer Beast," "Tiny Toddler"
Liroy Ben Giroux "Trouble in Tropikini"
Little Boy Kari Wahlgren "Wet Doom"
Little Girl #1 Mariel Sheets "The Wahoo Punch Bro"
Little Girl #2 Ella Anderson "The Wahoo Punch Bro"
Lobster Jerry Trainor "The Wahoo Punch Bro"
Man Richard Steven Horvitz "OctoCharlotte"
Mandolin Man Dan Schneider "Flying Spiders"
Mandy Nika Futterman "Tiny Toddler"
Marcy Grey Griffin "Cheer Beast"
Marlon Dee Bradley Baker "OctoCharlotte"
Marty Dan Schneider "Popcorn Monster"
Mary Gaperman Carrie Barrett
Mitch Bilsky Andrew Caldwell
Mom Kari Wahlgren "Wet Doom"
Mother Tara Strong "Tiny Toddler"
Mr. Mouse Dan Schneider "Wet Doom"
Mr. Toto Eric Bauza "The Sushi Sitter"
Mrs. Mouse Kari Wahlgren "Wet Doom"
Obnoxious Teen Girl Kari Wahlgren "Flying Spiders"
Oliver Pook Matthew Zhang
Ordinary Man Jeffrey Nicholas Brown "The Wahoo Punch Bro"
Oscar Carlos Alazraqui "Texas Weiners"
Piggy Dee Bradley Baker "Texas Weiners"
  Jerry Trainor "The Wahoo Punch Bro"
Piper Hart Ella Anderson
Piper Hart (beast form) Fred Tatasciore "Cheer Beast"
Pirate Girl Tara Strong "Clone Babies"
Police Dispatcher Lori Alan "The Sushi Sitter"
Police Officer Winston Story "The Sushi Sitter"
Popcorn Monster Fred Tatasciore "Popcorn Monster"
Rabbits Dee Bradley Baker "OctoCharlotte"
Radio Weatherman Ben Giroux "Trouble in Tropikini"
Rage Fred Tatasciore "Popcorn Monster"
Randy Roger Craig Smith "Magical Beefery Tour"
Rich Dan Schneider "Wet Doom"
Rude Truck Driver Fred Tatasciore "Flying Spiders"
Rude Woman Kari Wahlgren "Popcorn Monster"
School Bus Boy Richard Steven Horvitz "Popcorn Monster"
Schwoz Schwartz Michael D. Cohen
Scotty Yamato Carlos Alazraqui "OctoCharlotte"
Shark #1 Dan Schneider "Fish Talker"
Shark #2 Michael C. Rogers "Fish Talker"
Sharona Shapen Jill Benjamin
Sheriff Puster Dan Schneider "Texas Weiners"
Sidney Birnbaum Joe Kaprielian
Siren Hart Kelly Sullivan
Slacker Dude Carlos Alazraqui "Tiny Toddler"
Snotty Cheerleader Grey Griffin "Cheer Beast"
Spider Dan Schneider "Flying Spiders"
Spooderman Dan Schneider "Popcorn Monster"
Squeezed Lady Kari Wahlgren "Popcorn Monster"
Stomach Creature Dee Bradley Baker "YooHooTube"
Taco Whale Worker Mick Wingert "Trouble in Tropikini"
Teen Girl Tara Strong "Pink Rocket"
Teen Guy Fred Tatasciore "Flying Spiders"
Teen in Car Fred Tatasciore "Flying Spiders"
Theater Employee Fred Tatasciore "Popcorn Monster"
Theater Goer #1 Richard Steven Horvitz "Popcorn Monster"
Theater Goer #2 Dan Schneider "Popcorn Monster"
Theater Goer #3 Jake Farrow "Popcorn Monster"
Toddler Ben Giroux "Tiny Toddler"
Trent Overunder Winston Story
Vice Mayor Willard Timothy Brennan
Wahoo Punch Bro Jerry Trainor "The Wahoo Punch Bro"
Witches Candi Milo "Trouble in Tropikini"
  Kari Wahlgren "Trouble in Tropikini"
Woman Kari Wahlgren "Flying Spiders"
Woman in Theater Kari Wahlgren "Popcorn Monster"

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