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God of War
God of War

Also Known As: God of War IV
Genre: Video Game
Release Date: 20 April 2018

This video game takes place sometime after "God of War III" where Kratos is now living in the land of the Norse Gods.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Athena Carole Ruggier
Atreus Sunny Suljic
Baldur Jeremy Davies
Brok Robert Craighead
Freya Danielle Bisutti
Kratos Christopher Judge
Magni Troy Baker
Mimir Alastair Duncan
Modi Nolan North
Sindri Adam Harrington
Zeus Corey Burton
(additional voices) Jon Bailey
  Laila Berzins
  David Boat
  Ray Chase
  Sean Chiplock
  Sara Cravens
  Darin De Paul
  Trevor Devall
  Jake Eberle
  Tom Fahn
  Dave Fouquette
  Crispin Freeman
  Nika Futterman
  Julianne Grossman
  Charles Halford
  Anthony Hansen
  Lex Lang
  Misty Lee
  Jonathan Lipow
  Matthew Mercer
  Lani Minella
  Dave B. Mitchell
  Andrew Morgado
  Nolan North
  Emily O'Brien
  Jon Olson
  Christopher L. Parson
  Donovan Patton
  Jim Pirri
  Jamieson Price
  Sean Schemmel
  Michael Sorich
  Jason Spisak
  Fred Tatasciore
  Chris Tergliafera
  Scott Whyte
  Debra Wilson

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