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Big Hero 6: The Series
Big Hero 6: The Series

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 20 November 2017

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Alistair Krei Alan Tudyk
Alistair Krei's Assistant Laura Silverman "Big Roommates"
Aunt Cass Maya Rudolph
Barb Katy Mixon "Issue 188"
Baron Von Steamer Jeff Bennett "Baymax Returns"
Baymax Scott Adsit
Bluff Dunder Diedrich Bader
Bolton Gramersy Gordon Ramsay
Criminal David Shaughnessy "Muirahara Woods"
Emergency Caller Jill Talley "Psycho"
Felony Carl Diedrich Bader
Female Police Officer Nika Futterman "Psycho"
Frantic Woman Catherine Taber "Psycho"
Fred Frederickson III Stan Lee
Fred Frederickson IV Brooks Wheelan
Globby / Dibbs Andy Richter "Baymax Returns," "Failure Mode"
Go Go Tomaga Jamie Chung
Heathcliffe David Shaughnessy
Hiro Hamada Ryan Potter
Honey Lemon Genesis Rodriguez
Jogger Girl Jessica DiCicco "Psycho"
Karmi Haley Tju
Liv Amara Mara Wilson
Male Police Officer Brian Stepanek "Psycho"
Man on the Phone Diedrich Bader "Psycho"
Mini-Max John Michael Higgins
Missy Fuller Catherine Taber "Psycho"
Mrs. Frederickson Susan Sullivan
Professor Granville Jenifer Lewis
Tadashi Hamada Daniel Henney
Trina Christy Carlson Romano
Wasabi Khary Payton
Yokai / Professor Robert Callaghan James Cromwell
Yum Labouché Alton Brown

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