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Pop Team Epic
Pop Team Epic

Genre: Anime TV Series
Release Dates: 07 January 2018 - 25 March 2018

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Pipimi Jessica Calvello (Episode 10A)
  Luci Christian (Episode 6A)
  Leah Clark (Episode 8A)
  Kara Edwards (Episode 9A)
  Caitlin Glass (Episode 4A)
  Akira Kamiya (Japanese) (Episode 4B)
  Jason Liebrecht (Episode 6B)
  Matthew Mercer (Episode 12B)
  Kotono Mitsuishi (Japanese) (Episode 12A)
  George Nakata (Japanese) (Episode 12B)
  Daisuke Namikawa (Japanese) (Episode 8B)
  Mamiko Noto (Japanese) (Episode 11A)
  Monica Rial (Episode 5A)
  Ian Sinclair (Bob Team Epic segments)
  Michael Sinterniklaas (Episode 11B)
  Akiko Yajima (Japanese) (Episode 7A)
Ponta Natalie Hoover (Episode 12B)
  Kurumi Mamiya (Japanese) (Episode 12B)
Popuko Greg Ayres (Episode 7B)
  Fanny Bloc (Japanese) (Japan Mignon segments)
  Johnny Yong Bosch (Episode 8B)
  Justin Cook (Episode 9B)
  Yoko Hikasa (Japanese) (Episode 4A)
  Tomoko Kaneda (Japanese) (Episode 5A)
  Satomi Koorogi (Japanese) (Episode 7A)
  Mami Koyama (Japanese) (Episode 12A)
  Cherami Leigh (Episode 5A)
  Nana Mizuki (Japanese) (Episode 11A)
  Sumire Morohoshi (Japanese) (Episode 8A)
  Ryusei Nakao (Japanese) (Episode 3B)
  Emily Neves (Episode 10A)
  Trina Nishimura (Episode 2A)
  Wendy Powell (Episode 11A)
  Christopher Sabat (Bob Team Epic segments)
  Yuko Sanpei (Japanese) (Episode 6A)
  Sean Schemmel (Episode 11B)
  Stephanie Sheh (Episode 8A)
  Micah Solusod (Episode 12B)
  Alexis Tipton (Episode 9A)
  Alison Viktorin (Episode 7A)
Shouta Aoi Apphia Yu (Episode 12A)
Sosogu Hoshifuri Bryn Apprill

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