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Casagrandes, The
Casagrandes, The

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 14 October 2019

Spin-off of The Loud House.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Adelaide Chang Lexi Sexton
Announcer Carlos Alazraqui "Arr in the Family"
Audience Member Sumalee Montano "Arr in the Family"
Becca Chang Melissa Joan Hart
Bitsy the Elephant Dee Bradley Baker "How to Train Your Carl"
Bobby Santiago Carlos Pena Jr.
Breakfast-Bot Carlos Alazraqui "The Two of Clubs"
Bruno Eric Bauza "Walk Don't Run"
Buttercup Carlos Alazraqui "Walk Don't Run"
CJ Casagrande Jared Kozak
Captain Dave Andrew Morgado "Arr in the Family"
Carlino Casagrande Alex Cazares
Carlitos Casagrande Roxana Ortega
Carlos Casagrande Carlos Alazraqui
Carlota Casagrande Alexa Vega
Casey Christian J. Simon "Operation Dad"
Couch Kid #2 Alex Cazares "New Haunts"
Cowboy Clown Sunil Malhotra "Finders Weepers"
Date #2 Carlos Alazraqui "Vacation Daze"
Date #3 Christian Lanz "Vacation Daze"
Documentary Narrator Carlos Alazraqui "Croaked"
Dogcatcher Carlos Alazraqui "Walk Don't Run"
Doorman Arif S. Kinchen "New Haunts"
Dr. Arturo Santiago Eugenio Derbez
Employee Carlos Alazraqui "Finders Weepers"
Ernesto Estrella George Lopez "The Horror-Scope"
Female Food Truck Employee Roxana Ortega "Snack Pact"
Female Sales Employee Alex Cazares "Walk Don't Run"
Female Stranger Roxana Ortega "Vacation Daze"
Frida Puga Casagrande Roxana Ortega
Girl #1 Michelle C. Bonilla "New Haunts"
Girl #2 Alex Cazares "New Haunts"
Hector Casagrande Ruben Garfias
Joe Christian Lanz "Vacation Daze"
Keyon the Komodo Dragon Dee Bradley Baker "How to Train Your Carl"
Kingston Gunnar Sizemore "New Haunts"
Lincoln Loud Tex Hammond "The Horror-Scope"
Linda Sonia Manzano "Vacation Daze"
Lori Loud Catherine Taber "Flee Market"
Margarita Krizia Bajos "Walk Don't Run"
Maria Santiago Sumalee Montano
Maybelle Telma Hopkins "Finders Weepers," "Flee Market"
Miranda Cristina Pucelli "Walk Don't Run," "Finders Weepers"
Mom #1 Roxana Ortega "Vacation Daze"
Mom #2 Sumalee Montano "Vacation Daze"
Mom #3 Alexa Vega "Vacation Daze"
Movie Character Carlos Alazraqui "Vacation Daze"
Movie Goer Alex Cazares "Vacation Daze"
Mr. Nakamura Bruce Locke "Walk Don't Run"
Mrs. Flores Michelle C. Bonilla "Walk Don't Run," "New Haunts," "Finders Weepers," "Stress Test"
Mrs. Kernicky Lauri Fraser "The Two of Clubs"
Nelson Eric Bauza "Walk Don't Run"
News Correspondent Carlton Byrd "Copy Can't"
Nice Motorcycle Guy Christian Lanz "Operation Dad"
Nico the Night Monkey Dee Bradley Baker "How to Train Your Carl"
Nikki Natalie Coughlin "Operation Dad"
Ninja Fred Tatasciore "Walk Don't Run"
Par Sunil Malhotra "Finders Weepers," "Flee Market"
Pirate Byron Greg Chun "Arr in the Family"
QVC Announcer Sumalee Montano "Snack Pact"
Race Track Announcer Carlos Alazraqui "Copy Can't"
Ralphie Justin Felbinger "Arr in the Family"
Raul Christian Lanz "Vacation Daze"
Robotics Club Kid Lauri Fraser "The Two of Clubs"
Romeo Wilson Cruz "Going Overboard"
Ronnie Anne Santiago Izabella Alvarez
Ronnie Anne Santiago Look-Alike Carlos Pena Jr. "Vacation Daze"
Rosa Casagrande Sonia Manzano
Sameer Makana Say "New Haunts," "Operation Dad"
Sergio Carlos Alazraqui
Sid Chang Leah Mei Gold
Skater Ghost Carlos Alazraqui "New Haunts"
Stanley Chang Ken Jeong
Subway Baby Cristina Pucelli "Finders Weepers"
Subway Man Sunil Malhotra "Finders Weepers"
Subway Woman Alex Cazares "Finders Weepers"
Tomas Christian Lanz "Operation Dad"
VR Kid Arif S. Kinchen "New Haunts"
Vito Filliponio Carlos Alazraqui
Waiter Andrew Morgado "Arr in the Family"

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