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Rocketeer, The
Rocketeer, The

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 08 November 2019

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Alfonzo Eric Bauza
Ambrose Secord Frank Welker
Announcer Eric Bauza "First Flight"
Baby Carrot Mom Kari Wahlgren "Valerie the Valkyrie"
Butch Frank Welker
Carnival Barker Eric Bauza "The Piggy Bank Caper"
Carnival Worker Frank Welker "Carnival Caper"
City Worker Eric Bauza "Recipe for Disaster"
Clyde Charlie Adler "Carnival Caper"
Dave Secord Billy Campbell
Deany Parvesh Cheena "The Carnival Caper," "Hypnotic Hughesville"
Fair Goer Mark L. Taylor "The Piggy Bank Caper"
Farmer McGinty Mark L. Taylor "Pilot Error," "The Piggybank Caper," "Follow That Bulldog"
Franklin Jeff Bennett "A Doggone Adventure"
Girl Kitana Turnbull "Pilot Error"
Goose Roger Craig Smith "Save the Statue," "Follow That Bulldog," "The Critter Gang"
Gus D.C. Douglas "Downhill Derby"
Hang Glider Mark L. Taylor "Valerie the Valkyrie"
Harley Kari Wahlgren
Honey Nicole Dubuc "A Doggone Adventure"
Irma Philpot Susan Silo "The Critter Gang"
Laura Maria Bamford
Lilith Frank Welker "Skyway Robbery," "The Piggy Bank Caper"
Lucille Marianne Muellerleile
Lunching Lady Kathy Najimy "Skyway Robbery"
Malcolm Carlos Alazraqui "First Class Heroes"
May Songbird Phylicia Rashad "Songbird Soars Again"
Mayor Primshell Kevin Michael Richardson "Save the Statue," "Downhill Derby," "Valerie the Valkyrie"
Mitesh "Tesh" Cheena Callan Farris
Mr. Cheena Rahul Kohli "Hot on the Trail"
Mr. Coleman Eugene Byrd "First Class Heroes"
Mr. Stefan Mark L. Taylor "Pilot Error"
Mrs. Snootsmith Kari Wahlgren "A Doggone Adventure"
Newsreel Announcer Jeff Bennett "First Flight"
Newton D.C. Douglas "Downhill Derby"
Officer Crowfoot Robbie Daymond
Parachuter Eric Bauza "First Flight"
Passerby Eric Bauza "Valerie the Valkyrie"
Pie Judge Eric Bauza "The Piggy Bank Caper"
Pilot Kari Wahlgren "Save the Statue"
Police Dispatcher Roger Craig Smith "Save the Statue," "Valerie the Valkyrie"
Repairwoman Kari Wahlgren "Valerie the Valkyrie"
Rocketeer / Cliff Secord Billy Campbell "First Flight"
Rocketeer / Katherine "Kit" Secord Kitana Turnbull
Sareena Secord Kathy Najimy
Security Guard Charlie Adler "Hypnotic Hughesville"
Snickerdoodle Frank Welker "Valerie the Valkyrie"
Sylvester Slapdash Maurice LaMarche "Skyway Robbery," "The Piggy Bank Caper"
The Great Orsino Charlie Adler "Carnival Caper," "Hypnotic Hughesville"
Tightrope Walker Marianne Muellerleile "Carnival Caper"
Valerie d'Avion Navia Robinson
X-Treme Games Announcer Eric Bauza "X-Treme Hero"
Xena Treme Stephanie Lemelin "X-Treme Hero"

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