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Short Peace
Short Peace

Genre: Anime Film
Release Date: 20 July 2013

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Clerk Nobutoshi Canna (Japanese) ("Combustible")
Frog Takeshi Kusao (Japanese) ("Possessions")
  Monica Rial ("Possessions")
GONK-18 Andy McAvin ("A Farewell to Weapons")
Ghost Jessica Boone ("Possessions")
  Aoi Yuuki (Japanese) ("Possessions")
Gimlet George Manley ("A Farewell to Weapons")
Jin Akio Ohtsuka (Japanese) ("A Farewell to Weapons")
Junkie Andrew Love ("A Farewell to Weapons")
  Ryotaro Okiayu (Japanese) ("A Farewell to Weapons")
Kao Cynthia Martinez ("Gambo")
  Mutsumi Tamura ("Gambo")
Mai Brittney Karbowski (Intro)
Man Jason Douglas ("Possessions")
  Kouichi Yamadera (Japanese) ("Possessions")
Marl John Swasey ("A Farewell to Weapons")
Matsukichi Masakazu Morita (Japanese) ("Combustible")
  David Wald ("Combustible")
Meisa Emily Neves (Intro)
Merle John Swasey ("A Farewell to Weapons")
Monk Jay Hickman ("Gambo")
Nakoudo Paul Sidello ("Combustible")
Nigenji Illich Guardiola ("Gambo")
  Daisuke Namikawa (Japanese) ("Gambo")
O-Ume Shelly Calene-Black ("Combustible")
  Yuu Kobayashi (Japanese) ("Combustible")
O-Waka Luci Christian ("Combustible")
  Saori Hayami (Japanese) ("Combustible")
Oni John Swasey ("Gambo")
Rikihito Andrew Love ("Gambo")
Rum Houston Hayes ("A Farewell to Weapons")
Sadakichi Ryuji Aigase (Japanese) ("Combustible")
  Kyle Jones ("Combustible")
Saruichi Kyle Jones ("Gambo")
Shika Miho Miyakawa (Japanese) ("Gambo")
Shika's Husband Andy McAvin ("Gambo")
Tsurunosuke Taro Ishida (Japanese) ("Combustible")
  Andy McAvin ("Combustible")
Village Chief Marty Fleck ("Gambo")
Waka's Mother Emily Neves ("Combustible")

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