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Spider-Man: The New Animated Series
Spider-Man: The New Animated Series

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 2003
Voice Director: Susan Blu

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Alison Tomita SuChin Pak
Billy Connors Christian Maguire
  J.D. Wilson "Law of the Jungle"
CEO Susan Blu "Tight Squeeze"
Christina Tara Strong "Head Over Heels"
Doug Reisman Jeff Fischer "The Party"
Doug Reisman's Friend Rino Romano "The Party," "When Sparks Fly"
Dr. Zellner Jeffrey Combs "Flash Memory"
Electro / Maxwell Dillon Ethan Embry "The Party," "When Sparks Fly"
FBI Agent Mosely Keith David "Royal Scam"
Female News Announcer Jennifer Hale "The Party"
Flower Vendor Karen Maruyama "Royal Scam"
Frank Elson Stan Lee "Mind Games"
Harry Osborn Ian Ziering
Head Protestor Karen Maruyama "Heroes and Villains"
Henchman James Horan "Sword of Shikata"
Indy Daimonji Angelle Brooks
J. Jonah Jameson Keith Carradine
Jack David DeLuise "Flash Memory"
Joleena Cree Summer "Heroes and Villains"
Kingpin / Wilson Fisk Michael Clarke Duncan "Royal Scam"
Kingpin's Henchman Keith Szarabajka "Royal Scam"
Kraven the Hunter / Sergei Kravinoff Michael Dorn "Mind Games"
Lizard / Dr. Curt Connors Rob Zombie "Law of the Jungle"
Mack David DeLuise "Flash Memory"
Male OsCorp Executive Victor Brandt "Heroes and Villains"
Mary Jane Watson Lisa Loeb
Mayor Xander Berkeley "Spider-Man Dis-Abled"
Muang the Drip Den Guy Rino Romano "Spider-Man Dis-Abled," "Head Over Heels"
Officer Barr Edward Asner
OsCorp Executive Jane Lynch "Heroes and Villains"
Policeman Clancy Brown "Heroes and Villains"
Professor Jeffrey Combs "Head Over Heels"
Professor Williams Cree Summer "The Party," "When Sparks Fly," "Heroes and Villains"
Raymond Clancy Brown "Sword of Shikata"
Richard Damien John C. McGinley "Sword of Shikata"
Roland Gaines Jeremy Piven "Mind Games"
Roxanne Gaines Kathy Griffin "Mind Games"
Sally Johnson Julie Nathanson "The Party," "When Sparks Fly," "Flash Memory"
Security Guard Kevin Michael Richardson "Law of the Jungle"
Sergei James Marsters "Tight Squeeze," "Mind Games" Pt. 1
Shadowy Woman Karen Maruyama "Royal Scam"
Shikata Gina Gershon "Sword of Shikata"
Silver Sable / Silver Sablinova Virginia Madsen "Spider-Man Dis-Abled," "Mind Games" Pt. 1
Spider-Man / Peter Parker Neil Patrick Harris
Talon / Cheyenne Tate Eve "Keeping Secrets"
Teens Alexander Polinsky "When Sparks Fly"
  Rino Romano "When Sparks Fly"
Turbo Jet / Lewis Wyler Harold Perrineau "Heroes and Villains"

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