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Extreme Ghostbusters
Extreme Ghostbusters

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 1997

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Bess Allyce Beasley "Witchy Woman"
Chiam Michael Corbett "True Face of a Monster"
College Professor Rene Auberjonois "Fallout"
Danny James Avery "Dry Spell"
Eduardo Rivera Christian Lönegren (Finnish)
  Rino Romano
Egon Spengler Maurice LaMarche
  Jean-Pierre Leroux (French)
Garrett Miller Eric Aubrahn (French)
  Christian Lönegren (Finnish)
  Jason Marsden
Janine Melnitz Pat Musick
Kirilin John de Lancie "Heart of Darkness"
Kylie Griffin Tara Strong
Macrobe Tony Jay "Moby Ghost"
Mayor McShane Billy West
Persefineathious Janet Leigh Green "Mole People"
Peter Venkman Dave Coulier "Back in the Saddle"
Ray Stantz Frank Welker "Back in the Saddle"
Roland Jackson Thierry Desroses (French)
  Alfonso Ribeiro
  Kari Tamminen (Finnish)
Sheriff Edward Albert "The Jersey Devil"
Slimer Billy West
The Piper Roger Rees "The Pied Piper of Manhattan"
The Salesman Jonathan Harris "Be Careful What You Wish For"
Waitress April Winchell "The Jersey Devil"
Wanda Janet Leigh Green "Witchy Woman"
Winston Zeddemore Buster Jones "Back in the Saddle"
(additional voices) Charlie Adler
  Dee Bradley Baker
  Jeff Bennett
  Mary Kay Bergman
  Xander Berkeley
  David Berón
  Susan Blu
  Victor Brandt
  Clancy Brown
  Hamilton Camp
  Mary Jo Catlett
  George Kee Cheung
  EG Daily
  Joey Dedio
  Melissa Disney
  Nora Dunn
  Susan Eisenberg
  Ron Feinberg
  Pat Fraley
  Michael Gough (II)
  Michael Horton
  Sherman Howard
  Nick Jameson
  Billy Jayne
  Clyde Kusatsu
  John Mariano
  Valery Pappas
  Robbie Rist
  Justin Jon Ross
  Susan Silo
  Mark L. Taylor
  Lauren Tom
(theme song vocals) Jim Cummings
(voice) Jeff Altman "In Your Dreams"
  Mayim Bialik "Ghost Apocalyptic Future"
  Fernando Escandon "The Crawler"
  John Garry "The Sphinx"
  John Ingle "Seeds of Destruction"
  Mikey Kelley "True Face of a Monster"
  Loren Lester "True Face of a Monster"
  James Marsden "Ghost Apocalyptic Future"
  Megan Mullally "True Face of a Monster"
  Michael Pataki "In Your Dreams"
  Tony Plana "Rage"
  David Prince "Darkness at Noon"
  Roger Rose "True Face of a Monster"
  Cynthia Songé "The Infernal Machine"
  Susan Tyrrell "Darkness at Noon"
  Steven Weber "Dry Spell"

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