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Quack Pack
Quack Pack

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 02 September 1996 - 28 November 1996
Voice Director: Ginny McSwain

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Beef Jerky Brad Garrett "Ducks by Nature"
Captain Jack Robert Ridgely "Ready, Aim... Duck!"
Claw Frank Welker "Ready, Aim... Duck!," "Long Arm of the Claw"
Conscience Frank Welker "The Boy Who Cried Ghost"
Daisy Duck Kath Soucie
  Sybille Tureau (French)
Dewey Duck Pamela Adlon
Donald Duck Tony Anselmo
  Jukka Rasila (Finnish)
Doug Slackwell S. Scott Bullock "Phoniest Home Videos," "Ducky Dearest"
Dr. Crocker Veikko Honkanen (Finnish)
Dr. William Wu Robert Ito "Feats of Clay"
Gus Cam Clarke
Gwumpki Pat Fraley
Huey Duck Jeannie Elias
Kent Powers Roger Rose
Knuckles Frank Welker
Lisa Tara Strong
Louie Duck EG Daily
Mayor April Winchell "Ready, Aim... Duck!"
Moltoc Tim Curry "Recipe for Adventure," "Hit the Road, Backwater Jack"
Nigel Nightshade Rob Paulsen "Pride Goeth Before the Fall Guy"
Police Chief Tom Williams "Ready, Aim... Duck!"
Police Officer April Winchell "Ready, Aim... Duck!"
Professor Henry Villainova Jonathan Harris "Transmission: Impossible"
Professor Ludwig von Drake Corey Burton
Siegmund Dave Coulier "The Boy Who Cried Ghost"
Soo Ling Janice Kawaye "Feats of Clay"
Vampire Dave Coulier "The Boy Who Cried Ghost"
Viking April Winchell "The Boy Who Cried Ghost"
Werewolf Frank Welker "The Boy Who Cried Ghost"
(additional voices) Charlie Adler
  Rauno Ahonen (Finnish)
  Jack Angel
  Michael Bell
  Gregg Berger
  Jim Cummings
  Joe Lala
  Joe Nipote
  Glenn Shadix
(voice) John Astin "The Unusual Suspects"
  Sheryl Bernstein "Transmission: Impossible"
  Julie Brown "Leader of the Quack"
  Rodger Bumpass "None Like It Hot"
  Dan Castellaneta "Koi Story"
  Mary Jo Catlett "Long Arm of the Claw"
  J.D. Daniels "The Really Mighty Ducks"
  David Doyle "The Unusual Suspects"
  Paul Eiding "Shrunken Heroes"
  Miriam Flynn "The Unusual Suspects"
  Quinton Flynn "Tasty Paste"
  Matt Frewer "Tasty Paste"
  Michael Gough (II) "Leader of the Quack"
  Jess Harnell "Recipe for Adventure"
  Richard Karron "The Germinator"
  Maurice LaMarche "Hit the Road, Backwater Jack"
  Michael Laskin "Long Arm of the Claw"
  Katie Leigh "Island of the Not So Nice"
  Sherry Lynn "Return of the T-Squad"
  Steve Mackall "Take My Duck, Please!"
  Flo Di Re "The Really Mighty Ducks"
  Dee Dee Rescher "Take My Duck, Please!"
  Tara Strong "Ducks by Nature"
  Russi Taylor "Take My Duck, Please!"

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