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Secret Files of the Spy Dogs, The
Secret Files of the Spy Dogs, The

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 1998 - 1999
Voice Director: Jamie Simone

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Al Catraz Jeff Bennett "Escape"
Amerigo Dog Poochie Adam West "Founders"
Angus Jim Ward
Anubis Lou Rawls "Twilight"
Arty Mary Kay Bergman "Doggyland", "Obedience"
Arty's Mom Kath Soucie "Exposed"
Bald Spokesperson Jim Cummings
Bank Robbers Jim Cummings "Virgil"
Baron Bone Clancy Brown "Bone"
Big Jim Jones Jess Harnell "Exposed"
Businessman Billy West "Granny"
Captain Earwig / Virgil Tom Kenny "Virgil"
Catastrophe Jim Cummings
Christopher Columbus Maurice LaMarche "Founders"
Chukchi Billy West
Collar Communication Voice Kath Soucie
Counterfeiters Billy West "Virgil"
D'Cell Eddie Deezen "D'Cell"
Dave Jeff Bennett "Being"
Dog Inmates Jeff Bennett "Escape"
Dog Zero Adam West
Egyptian Dog Jeff Bennett "Founders"
Erin Tress MacNeille "Homework", "Earnest"
Ernst Stavro Blowfish Ben Stein "I.H.R.F."
Film Narrator Jeff Bennett "Tomorrow"
Flea Leader Jim Cummings
Fleas Billy West "Hair", "Small", "Pups"
Frank Jess Harnell
Frank's Owner Estelle Harris "Automutt"
Furry, Leader of the B.A.R.K. Squad Billy West "Timmy", "Small"
Granny Larceny Tress MacNeille "Granny"
Hatchet Billy West
Italian Dog Jeff Bennett "Founders"
Jill Grey Griffin "Charlie"
Leonardo da Vinci Adam West "Founders"
Main Title Narrator Don LaFontaine
Man Jeff Bennett "Tomorrow"
Miss Tenderloin Tress MacNeille "Bone"
Mistress Pavlov Wendie Malick "Obedience"
Mitzy Mary Kay Bergman
Nessie Tress MacNeille "Earnest"
Nine Laura San Giacomo
Noodle Billy West "Homework", "Lunch", "K-9"
Oatz Couture Ami Dolenz "Oatz"
Porkzilla Dee Bradley Baker "Porkzilla"
Ralph Micky Dolenz
Sabre-Toothed Mouse Jim Cummings "Tusk"
Scribble Micky Dolenz
Scuzy Duz Jim Cummings "Homework"
Sir William Jess Harnell "Bone"
Space Slugs Maurice LaMarche
  Billy West
Stahl Michael Donovan "Spin", "Obedience", "Homework"
Stinky Pie Billy West "Install"
Sue, Mitzy's Owner Mary Kay Bergman "Doggyland"
Timmy Mary Kay Bergman "Halfday"
Von Rabie Jim Cummings
Von Rabie's Owner Tress MacNeille
William Shakespeare Billy West "Founders"
Witch Doctor Brad Maurice LaMarche "Spin"
Witch Doctor Chad Pat Fraley "Spin"
(additional voices) Charlie Adler
  Carlos Alazraqui
  Jocelyn Blue
  Rodger Bumpass
  Tifanie Christun
  Cam Clarke
  Robert Culp
  Jennifer Darling
  Soleil Moon Frye
  Brian George
  Barbara Goodson
  Michael Gough (II)
  Jennifer Hale
  Sherman Howard
  Charity James
  Nick Jameson
  John Kassir
  Dawnn Lewis
  Valery Pappas
  Tony Pope
  Roger Rose
  Dwight Schultz
  Susan Silo
  Patrick Warburton
  Frank Welker

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