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King Arthur and the Knights of Justice
King Arthur and the Knights of Justice

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 13 September 1992 - 12 December 1993
Voice Director: Michael Donovan

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Guinevere Kathleen Barr
King Arthur Andrew Kavadas
Lady Elaine Venus Terzo
Lady of the Lake Kathleen Barr
Merlin Jim Byrnes
Queen Morgan le Fay Kathleen Barr
Sir Brick Garry Chalk
Sir Darren Michael Donovan
Sir Gallop Mark Hildreth
Sir Lancelot Scott McNeil
Sir Lug Michael Donovan
Sir Phil Garry Chalk
Sir Tone Scott McNeil
Sir Trunk Scott McNeil
Sir Wally Lee Jeffrey
Sir Zeke Mark Hildreth
Squire Everett Mark Hildreth
Squire Tyronne Michael Donovan
Warlord Axe Scott McNeil
Warlord Bash Garry Chalk
Warlord Blackwing Scott McNeil
Warlord Hammer Michael Donovan
Warlord Viper Garry Chalk
(additional voices) Michael Beattie
  Willow Johnson

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