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Totally Spies!
Totally Spies!

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 03 November 2001 - 2013
Voice Director: Jamie Simone

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Adam Tom Kane "Silicon Valley Girls"
Alex Katie Griffin (2004-2013)
  Giuliana Jakobeit (German)
  Annituuli Kasurinen (Finnish)
  Katie Leigh (2001-2004)
Arnold Jackson Dee Bradley Baker "Abductions," "Queen for a Day"
  Robert Tinkler "Super-Nerd Much?"
Auctioneer Jeff Bennett "Do You Believe in Magic?"
B Gebe Kevin Michael Richardson "Queen for a Day"
B.O.B. Ian James Corlett "Here Comes the Sun"
Bedhead John Stocker "Evil Promotion", "Creepy Crawly Much?"
Black Knight John Kassir "Stuck in the Middle Ages with You"
Bodyguards Frank Welker "Evil Boyfriend"
Boogie Gus Joseph Motiki
Britney Lindsay Ridgeway
  Hanna Savikko (Finnish)
Brock Williams Cam Clarke "A Spy is Born" Pt. 1
C.H.A.D. Tom Kane "Silicon Valley Girls"
Caitlin Katie Griffin
Carla Wong Lauren Tom "Game Girls"
Carmen Katie Leigh
Chewbaccastan Ambassador Maurice LaMarche "Abductions"
Clover Andrea Baker
  Kiti Kokkonen (Finnish)
David Darryl Kurylo
Dean Greg Cipes
Derlock Ivan Sherry "The Dusk of Dawn"
Diminutive Smalls Rob Paulsen "Shrinking"
  John Stocker "Attack of the 50 Foot Mandy"
Dominique Andrea Baker
  Marlies Somers (Dutch)
Donna Ramone Grey Griffin "Spy Gladiators"
Dr. Eisenstein Jim Ward "Man or Machine"
Dr. Gelee Simon Templeman "Ice Man Cometh"
Dr. Logan Jay Dave Sparrow "Dental? More Like Mental"
Dr. Sadie Hunting Charity James "Aliens"
Dr. V Nick Jameson "The Yuck Factor"
Edison Jeff Bennett "Spies vs. Spies"
Eugene Joshua Seth "Matchmaker"
Felicity Fences Kristina Nicoll "Planet of the Hunks"
Frankie Dude Jess Harnell "I, Dude"
G.L.A.D.I.S. Stevie Vallance
Gabby Jennifer Hale
Gerald "Jerry" Lewis Jean-Claude Donda (French)
  Jess Harnell (2001-2004)
  Dov Reiser (Hebrew)
  Adrian Truss (2004-2013)
Geraldine Husk Kathleen Laskey
Gerards Kevin Michael Richardson "Queen for a Day"
Great Kandinsky Jeff Bennett "Do You Believe in Magic?"
Gregor Michael Reisz "Do You Believe in Magic?"
Helga Von Guggen Adrienne Barbeau
Helmut Tom Kane "Model Citizens"
Honeybees Tara Strong "Black Widows"
Ian Jason Marsden "I Want My Mummy"
Inga Bittersweet B.J. Ward "Passion Patties"
James Ian James Corlett "Evil Boyfriend"
Julia Hastings Kathy Ireland "A Spy is Born" Pt. 1
King Steve Blum "Stuck in the Middle Ages with You"
Kyle Katz Terry McGurrin "The Suavest Spy"
Lasputin Zero Maurice LaMarche "Nature Nightmare"
Lester Crawley Billy West "Eraser"
Lion Frank Welker "Animal World"
Lions Kevin Michael Richardson "Queen for a Day"
Macker Steve Mackall "The Fugitives"
Madison Debi Derryberry "First Brat"
Major Snell Len Carlson "Physics 101 Much?"
Mandy Jennifer Hale
Marco Lumiere Dee Bradley Baker "A Spy is Born," "0067"
Max Robbie Rist "Wild Style"
Max Exterminus John Stocker "Creepy Crawly Much?"
Mindy Katie Griffin
Mr. Tetley Jim Ward "Abductions"
Ms. Brooks April Winchell "Silicon Valley Girls"
Muffy Peprich Nicole Sullivan "Evil Sorority"
Percival Jess Harnell "Abductions"
Phoebe Jennifer Hale
President of the United States Frank Welker "Evil Boyfriend"
Princess Makeda Kimberly Brooks "Queen for a Day"
Principal John Smith Mark Hamill "Soul Collector"
Principal Vegan April Winchell "Silicon Valley Girls"
Randy Wally Wingert ?
Rick Quinton Flynn "Child's Play"
Ricky Mathis Bob Bergen "A Thing for Musicians"
Robby Rino Romano "Spies vs. Spies"
Sam Jennifer Hale
  Naoko Matsui (Japanese)
Scientist Michael Gough (II) "The Eraser"
Sebastian Saga Jim Ward "A Thing for Musicians," "Stark Raving Mad"
Seth Wally Wingert "Toying Around"
Sherman the Gorilla Frank Welker "Animal World"
Simon Tucker Corey Burton "Malled"
Stella Kath Soucie (2003-2004)
Sunny Lauren Tom "Here Comes the Sun"
T-Bone Scott Menville "Boy Bands Will Be Boy Bands"
Teacher Frank Welker "Evil Boyfriend"
Telly Hardwire Kevin Dennis "The Anti-Social Network"
Terrence Lewis Pete Capella
Theodore Richard Steven Horvitz "Soul Collector"
Tim Scam Michael Gough (II)
Trode Brian Cummings "Wild Style," "Fashion Faux Pas"
Tuesday Tate Cree Summer "Model Citizens"
Vladimir Cosiryev Victor Brandt "Child's Play"
W.H.O.O.P. Volcanologist Maurice LaMarche "The Get Away"
Willard Dee Bradley Baker "Alex Quits"
  Jamie Watson "Escape from W.H.O.O.P. Island"
Wolves Dee Bradley Baker "Spy Gladiators"
Zanzibar Team Coach Jess Harnell "It's How You Play the Game"
(additional voices) Gary Krawford
  Maurice LaMarche "Totally Switched"
  Diane Michelle
  Kevin Michael Richardson "Game Girls"
  Andrew Sabiston "Planet of the Hunks"
(voice) Tony Daniels "Game Girls"
  John Kassir "Aliens"
  Patrick Pinney "Aliens"

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