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Please Teacher!
Please Teacher!

Genre: Anime Series
Release Date: 2003

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Baseball Announcer Tony Oliver
Bellhop Tony Oliver
Hatsuho Kazami Wendee Lee
Hyosuke Magumo Kirk Thornton
Ichigo Morino Julie Ann Taylor
Kaede Misumi Melissa Fahn
Kei Kusanagi Dave Wittenberg
Koishi Herikawa Michelle Ruff
Konoha Edajima Karen Strassman
Maho Kazami Sandy Fox
Marie Sandy Fox
Masaomi Yamada Tony Oliver
Matagu Shidoh Tony Schnur
Minoru Edajima Michael McConnohie
Miruru Michelle Ruff
Mizuho Kazami Bridget Hoffman
Nacchan Wendee Lee
Principal Doug Stone
Student Sandy Fox
  Tony Oliver
Teacher Tony Oliver
  Kirk Thornton

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