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Genre: Live Action/Puppet Series
Release Dates: 26 April 1991 - 20 July 1994

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
ABC Announcer Ernie Anderson
Absolute Proof Laboratories Scientist Sam McMurray "Switched at Birth"
Al "Sexual" Harris Jason Alexander "What "Sexual" Harris Meant"
Andre Sam McMurray "Leader of the Pack"
Ansel Michael McKean "Driving Miss Ethyl"
Art Nielsen Brian Henson "Family Challenge"
Arthur Rizzic Brian Henson "The Mighty Megalosaurus"
Aubrey Molehill Brian Henson "Switched at Birth"
B.P. Richfield Michel Barbey (French)
  Sherman Hemsley
Baby Sinclair Kevin Clash
  Emmanuel Curtil (French)
Babysitter John Glover "The Terrible Twos"
Bert Thom Sharp "Changing Nature"
Bettleheim Michael McKean "License to Parent"
Blarney Steve Whitmire "Terrible Twos," "Into the Woods"
Bob David Wohl "Unmarried... with Children"
Bob Hack Fred Travalena "Nuts to War" Pt. 2
Boy Contestant Michael Earl "Family Challenge"
Brigitte Joyce Kurtz "Georgie Must Die"
Bryant Michael McKean "Changing Nature"
Buddy Glimmer Sam McMurray "Family Challenge"
Charlene Sinclair Sally Struthers
Chef Thom Sharp "Working Girl"
Chief Elder Tim Curry "Greatest Story Ever Sold"
  Joe Flaherty "Green Card," "Working Girl"
  George Gaynes "Nuts to War"
Clerk Robert Picardo "The Son Also Rises"
Crazy Lou Ken Hudson Campbell "Leader of the Pack"
Decker Thom Sharp "Monster Under the Bed"
Devil Tim Curry "Life in the Faust Lane"
Dinosaur Chief Harold Gould "Hurling Day"
Director Michael Richards "WESAYSO Knows Best"
Dolf Sam McMurray "Steroids to Heaven"
Dr. Elliott Piaget Allan Trautman "The Terrible Twos"
Dr. Herder Michael McKean "The Terrible Twos"
Dying Elder Sam McMurray "And the Winner Is..."
Earl Sinclair Francisco Colmenero (Spanish (Latin American))
  Jürgen Kluckert (German) (1994)
  Edgar Ott (German) (1991-1994)
  Stuart Pankin
Ed Thom Sharp "Scent of a Reptile"
Edward R. Hero Jason Bernard "And the Winner Is..."
Elder Michael Dorn "The Golden Child"
Elder #2 Sam McMurray "Greatest Story Ever Sold"
Elder #3 Suzie Plakson "Greatest Story Ever Sold"
Female Grapdelite Kevin Clash "Endangered Species"
Folk Singer Steven Banks "I Never Ate for My Father"
Forest Creature Brian Henson "Nature Calls"
Fox Jacket Tim Curry "A Slave to Fashion"
Fran Sinclair Jessica Walter
Frank Thom Sharp "Fran Live"
Frau Woodhouse Julianne Buescher "Terrible Twos"
Gary Steve Landesberg "High Noon"
General H. Norman Conquest Jason Alexander "Nuts to War"
Georgie Allan Trautman "Georgie Must Die"
Georgie (evil voice) Edward Asner "Georgie Must Die"
Glenda Molehill Mimi Kennedy "Switched at Birth"
Grandma Ethyl Phillips Florence Stanley
Grandpa Louie Buddy Hackett "The Last Temptation of Ethyl"
Grown Baby Jason Alexander "Out of the Frying Pan"
Gus Molehill Jason Alexander "Switched at Birth"
Hank Michael McKean "Life in the Faust Lane"
Hank Hibler Jeffrey Tambor "Charlene's Amazing Humans"
Heather Worthington Julia Louis-Dreyfus "A Slave to Fashion"
Henri Poupon Tim Curry "Getting to Know You"
Howard Handupme Kevin Clash
  Carlos Revilla (Spanish (Castilian))
Howlin' Jay Kevin Clash "Swamp Music"
Inspector Michael McKean "Working Girl"
Insurance Agent Peter Bonerz "Family Challenge"
Jean-Claude Tim Curry "Georgie Must Die"
Jerry Valentine Tony Shalhoub "Fran Live"
Job Wizard Jason Alexander "Career Opportunities"
Judge D.X. Machina Bruce Lanoil "Earl's Big Jackpot"
Judge H.T. Stone Paxton Whitehead "Charlene's Flat World"
Katie Joyce Kurtz "Changing Nature"
Larry Thom Sharp "Baby Talk"
Les Michael McKean "Into the Woods"
Lucius John Glover "The Last Temptation of Ethyl"
Male Grapdelite Brian Henson "Endangered Species"
Mel Luster Richard Portnow "The Mating Dance," "The Clip Show"
Monica DiVertibrae Suzie Plakson
Monster Glenn Shadix "Driving Miss Ethyl"
Moola the Cash Cow Allan Trautman "Variations on a Theme Park"
Mr. Ashland John Vernon "Power Erupts"
Mr. Barry Wolfe David Leisure "What "Sexual" Harris Meant"
Mr. Lizard Allan Trautman
Mr. Mason Dixon Steve Whitmire "What "Sexual" Harris Meant"
Mr. Otto Lynch Allan Trautman "What "Sexual" Harris Meant"
Mr. Pulman Allan Trautman
Muse Robert Picardo "Charlene's Flat World"
Narrator Gary Owens "Nuts to War"
Parish Michael McKean "Monster Under the Bed"
Prey Creature Kevin Clash "I Never Ate Meat for My Father"
Prosecutor John Glover "Charlene's Flat World"
Pteranodon Sally Kellerman "Nature Calls"
Pterodactyl Tim Curry "Leader of the Pack"
Ray Gherkin Glenn Shadix "Scent of a Reptile"
Refrigerator Monster Michael Earl "When Food Goes Bad"
Richard Thom Sharp "Refrigerator Day"
Richard Simmons Dinosaur Richard Simmons "Nature Calls"
Robbie Sinclair Jason Willinger
Roy Hess Hans-Werner Bussinger (German)
  Sam McMurray
Sarge G.W. Bailey "Nuts to War"
Scientist Sam McMurray "Switched at Birth"
Shelly Conchata Ferrell "Dirty Dancin'"
Shopper Edie McClurg "Power Erupts"
Sid Turtlepuss Michelan Sisti
Simone Poupon Julianne Buescher "Getting to Know You"
Sir David Tushingham Carlos Revilla (Spanish (Castilian)) "The Clip Show," "The Clip Show II"
Smoo Show Singers Julianne Buescher "Baby Talk"
Solomon the Great Michael Dorn "Switched at Birth"
Sonny Steve Whitmire "Swamp Music"
Spike Christopher Meloni
Spirit of the Tree David Warner "If I Were a Tree"
Stenographer Pat Crawford Brown "Charlene's Flat World"
Stu Jason Alexander "Network Genius"
Ted Robert Picardo "Network Genius"
The Doctor Sam McMurray "The Golden Child"
Ticket Guy Thom Sharp "Variations on a Theme Park"
Ty Warner Jon Polito "Swamp Music"
UFO! Host/Announcer Jason Alexander "We Are Not Alone"
WESAYSO Commercial Announcer Michael Dorn
WESAYSO Interviewer Sam McMurray "Power Erupts"
WESAYSO Scientist William Schallert "Power Erupts"
Walter Sternhagen Thom Sharp "The Discovery"
Wendy Richfield Wendie Jo Sperber "Hungry for Love"
Wereman Kirk Thatcher "Little Boy Boo"
Winston Tim Curry "Earl's Big Jackpot"
Woody Steve Whitmire "Into the Woods"
Zabar Dan Castellaneta "Germ Warfare"

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