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Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 11 September 1987 - 06 May 1990
Voice Director: Andrea Romano

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Admiral Grimitz Peter Cullen
Agnes the Harpie Tress MacNeille "The Golden Fleecing"
Ariel Tress MacNeille "Home Sweet Homer"
Auctioneer Jim Cummings "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. McDuck"
Babyface Beagle Terence McGovern (1987-1988)
Backwoods Beagle Danny Mann "Ducky Mountain High"
Baggy Beagle Frank Welker
Bankjob Beagle Peter Cullen (1987-1988)
Beagle Boy Veikko Honkanen (Finnish)
Bebop Beagle Brian Cummings (1987-1988)
Benzino Gassolini Gino Conforti "Hotel Strangeduck," "Top Duck"
Big Time Beagle Tobias Meister (Dutch)
  Frank Welker
Black Knight Barry Dennen "Sir Gyro De Gearloose"
Bomber Beagle Robert Ridgely "Top Duck"
Bouncer Beagle Chuck McCann
Brigadier Broccoli George DiCenzo "Duckworth's Revolt"
Bubba the Caveduck Frank Welker (1988-1990)
Bull Weevil Johnny Haymer "Horse Scents"
Burger Beagle Chuck McCann
Caesar Will Ryan "Much Ado About Scrooge"
Captain Bounty Allan Melvin "Bermuda Triangle Tangle"
Captain Farley Foghorn Frank Welker "Bermuda Triangle Tangle", "The Uncrashable Hindentanic"
Captain Slatterry Peter Renaday "Bermuda Triangle Tangle"
Cinnamon Teal Haunani Minn "Spies in Their Eyes"
Colonel Beauregard DuBark Alan Oppenheimer "Launchpad's Civil War"
Commander of Microducks Tress MacNeille "Micro-Ducks from Outerspace"
Count Ray Arte Johnson "The Duck in the Iron Mask"
Dangerous Dan Dawson Will Ryan "Back to the Klondike"
Dewey Duck Ranja Bonalana (German) (1996 Dub)
  Russi Taylor
Dijon Richard Libertini "Attack of the Metal Mites," "The Golden Goose"
Donald Duck Tony Anselmo (1987-1988)
  Jukka Rasila (Finnish)
Doofus Brian Cummings (1987-1988)
Dr. Nogood Rene Auberjonois "Double O-Duck"
Dr. Von Geezer Howard Morris "The Right Duck"
Dr. Von Swine Howard Morris "Yuppie Ducks," "Attack of the Fifty-Foot Webby"
Duckworth Chuck McCann
El Capitan Jim Cummings "Don't Give Up the Ship," "Wrongway to Ronguay," "Too Much of a Gold Thing"
Emir of Somnambula Roger C. Carmel "Masters of the Djinni"
Ensign Plover Mark L. Taylor "All Ducks on Deck"
Evil Uncle Frank Welker "Jungle Duck"
Far Darrick Frank Welker "Luck o' the Ducks"
Feathers Galore Tress MacNeille "Double O-Duck"
Fergus McDuck (Scrooge's Father) Don Messick "Once Upon a Dime"
Filler Brushbill Charlie Adler "Much Ado About Scrooge"
Flintheart Glomgold Hal Smith
Fritter O'Way Aron Kincaid "Down and Out in Duckburg"
Game Show Host Corey Burton "Dime Enough for Luck"
Gandra Dee Miriam Flynn (1989-1991)
Gigaduck Will Ryan "Micro-Ducks from Outer Space"
Gizmoduck / Fenton Crackshell Hamilton Camp (1989-1991)
Gladstone Gander Rob Paulsen "Dime Enough for Luck," "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. McDuck"
  Joachim Tennstedt (German) "Dime Enough for Luck," "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. McDuck"
Glittering Goldie / Goldie O'Glit Joan Gerber "Back to the Klondike," "Scroogerello," "Til Nephews Do Us Part," "Ducky Mountain High"
Glomgold's Henchman Roger C. Carmel "Masters of the Djinni"
Grand Kishki Hamilton Camp "A Drain on the Economy," "Working for Scales"
Griselda the Shepherd Girl Tress MacNeille "Maid of the Myth"
Gyro Gearloose Gil Baroni (Italian)
  Stig Grybe (Swedish)
  Hal Smith
High Priiest Sarkas Joseph Ruskin "Sphinx for the Memories"
Huey Duck Ranja Bonalana (German) (1996 Dub)
  Russi Taylor
J. R. Mooing Frank Welker "Ducks of the West"
King Artie Richard Erdman "Sir Gyro de Gearloose"
King Brian Billy Barty "Luck of the Duck"
Launchpad McQuack Raśl Aldana (Spanish (Latin American))
  Jean-Claude Donda (French)
  Terence McGovern
Lawrence Loudmouth Frank Welker "The Masked Mallard"
Lieutenant Garlic Michael Bell "Duckworth's Revolt"
Loopy McQuack B.J. Ward "Top Duck"
Louie Duck Ranja Bonalana (German) (1996 Dub)
  Russi Taylor
M'Lady the Horse Susan Blu "Horse Scents"
Ma Beagle June Foray
Magica De Spell June Foray
Mayor Rufus B. Pinfeather Richard Erdman "Launchpad's Civil War"
Millionaira Vanderbucks Tress MacNeille "'Til Nephews Do Us Part"
Moorloon Barry Dennen "Sir Gyro De Gearloose"
Mr. Poe Frank Welker
Mr. Wolf Richard Gautier "Ducky Horror Picture Show"
Mrs. Beakley Joan Gerber
Mrs. Crackshell Kathleen Freeman (1989-1991)
Mrs. Featherby Susan Blu "Blue Collar Scrooge"
  June Foray "Yuppy Ducks"
  Tress MacNeille "Dinosaur Ducks"
Mrs. Ganderly Tress MacNeille "Pearl of Wisdom"
Mung Ho Keone Young "The Duck Who Would Be King"
Old Man Ribbit William Callaway "Once Upon a Dime"
Pete Will Ryan "Pearl of Wisdom," "Merit Time Adventure," "The Time Teasers," "Duck in the Iron Mask"
Phantom Blot Peter Cullen "All Ducks on Deck"
Pig Woodchuck Dick Beals "Superdoo"
Piggly Pat Fraley "Once Upon a Dime"
Ping the Pitiless Ronnie Schell "The Right Duck"
Poupon Frank Welker "The Golden Goose"
Priestess Marilyn Lightstone "Sphinx for the Memories"
Prince Greydrake Frank Welker "Jungle Duck"
Professor Carl Sagander Frank Welker "The Uncrashable Hindentanic"
Professor Ludwig von Drake Corey Burton "The Golden Fleecing"
Puck Charlie Adler "Much Ado About Scrooge"
Quackerbill Jack Angel "Merit-Time Adventure"
Ripcord McQuack Robert Ridgely "Top Duck"
Robin Lurch Rob Paulsen "Down and Out in Duckburg"
Rookie Cops Frank Welker "The Good Muddahs"
Shedlock Jones Clive Revill "Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. McDuck"
Shop Keeper Barry Dennen "Double O-Duck"
Sir Guy Standforth Pat Fraley "The Crown of Genghis Kahn"
Sirens Frank Welker "Home Sweet Homer"
Skittles Patricia Parris "Cold Duck"
Sultan Roger C. Carmel "Masters of the Djinni"
Sundowner Rob Paulsen "Back Out in the Outback"
Terra-Firmian King Frank Welker "Earth Quack"
The Djinni Howard Morris "Masters of the Djinni"
Uncle Catfish Peter Renaday "Once Upon a Dime"
Uncle Scrooge McDuck Hermann Ebeling (German)
  Arturo Mercado (Spanish (Latin American))
  Alan Young
Victor Luzer Bernie Kopell "Spies In Their Eyes"
WASA Controller Jerry Dexter "The Right Duck"
Walter Cronduck Frank Welker "Attack of the Metal Mites", "New Gizmo-Kids on the Block"
Weasel Nicholas Omana "Backout in the Outback"
Weasel Henchman Will Ryan "Horse Scents," "Back Out in the Outback"
Webbigail "Webby" Vanderquack Russi Taylor
Wiggly Don Messick "Once Upon a Dime"
Young Scrooge Pat Fraley "Once Upon a Dime"

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