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Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 13 September 1986 - 06 December 1986
Voice Director: Gordon Hunt

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Alvinar Rene Auberjonois
Aragon George DiCenzo "The Highwayman"
Bildad Les Tremayne "Dragons of Dar-Shan"
Brutus Susan Blu
Charles Spec Keene Curtis "Where Dreams Come From"
Cherylla Alexandra Stoddart "The Ogre's Bride"
Dorin Bobby Jacoby
Driver Gino Conforti "A Meeting in Time"
Dweedle Billy Barty
Ellen Lilly Moon
Goon Townsend Coleman
  Rob Paulsen
  Frank Welker
Halavex Roger Rose "The Highwayman"
Horse Richard Gautier "A Visit to Wonderland"
John Cavanaugh David Ackroyd
Jovar Dan O'Herlihy "Secret of the Sinti Magic," "Where the Dreams Come From"
Jude Marilyn Lightstone "Secret of the Sinti Magic"
Lady Aura Diane Pershing "Strangers in the Night"
Lady Diabolyn Jessica Walter
Lord Samson Philip L. Clarke "Strangers in the Night," "Wildfire: King of the Horse"
Mrs. Ashworth Victoria Carroll "The Once and Future Queen," "Where the Dreams Come From"
Nerissa Barbara Goodson "The Name is the Game"
Oberon Jeffrey Tambor "A Visit to Wonderland"
Princess Sara of Dar-Shan Georgi Irene
Queen Sarana Amanda McBroom "A Meeting in Time"
Rackteos Aron Kincaid "Secret of the Sinti Magic"
Rothadode Bernard Erhard "Wildfire: King of the Horses"
Stubb Josh Rodine "Dragons of Dar-Shan"
Stubb's Mother Louise Chamis "Dragons of Dar-Shan"
Thunderbolt Brock Peters "Wildfire, King of the Horses"
Vesta June Lockhart "Strangers in the Night," "Wildfire, King of the Horses"
Watchman Jerry Dexter "Dragons of Dar-Shan"
Wildfire John Vernon
Woman Alexandra Stoddart "The Ogre's Bride"
(additional voices) Remy Auberjonois
  Jennifer Darling
  Paul Eiding
  Philip Erdman
  Richard Erdman
  Melanie Gaffin
  Scott Grimes
  Noah Hathaway
  Darryl Hickman
  Laura Jacoby
  Lauri Johnson
  Ron Leibman
  Janet May
  Marissa Mendenhall
  Michael Mish
  Peter Renaday
  Peter Mark Richman
  Neil Ross
  Will Ryan
  William Schallert
  Brandon Stewart
  Andre Stojka
  Ginny Tyler
  Ted Zeigler

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