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Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 05 March 1989 - 19 November 1990
Voice Director: Andrea Romano

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Alvin Klordane Alan Oppenheimer "To the Rescue, Pts. 1-5"
Arnold Mousenegger Brian Cummings "Mind Your Own Cheese and Q's," "The SS Drainpipe"
Buffy Ratskiwatski Deborah Walley "Out of Scale"
Buzz Danny Gans
Camembert Kate Fran Ryan "A Lean on the Property"
Canina Le Fur Carol Channing "A Chorus Crime," "They Shoot Dogs, Don't They?"
Captain Colonel Alan Oppenheimer "An Elephant Never Suspects"
Captain Fin Rob Paulsen "A Creep in the Deep"
Chief Beetlebreath Hamilton Camp
Chief Marley Rob Paulsen "Battle of the Bulge"
Chip Tress MacNeille
Chow Ming Robert Ito
Dale Corey Burton
  Wolfgang Ziffer (German)
Darby Spree Rob Paulsen "The Last Leprechaun"
Detective Donald Drake Rob Paulsen "To the Rescue, Pt. 1, 3-5"
Don Quihole Rob Paulsen "When Mice Were Men"
Dr. Piltdown Georg Tryphon (German) ?
Emperor Rob Paulsen "Song of the Night 'N Dale"
Fat Cat Jim Cummings
Flash the Wonder Dog Rob Paulsen "Flash the Wonder Dog"
Foxglove Deborah Walley "Good Times, Bat Times"
Fruit Bat with Sombrero Rob Paulsen "Battle of the Bulge"
Fry Danny Gans
Fu Manchow Anderson Wong "Puffed Rangers"
Gadget Tress MacNeille
Groucho Marx Pigeon Danny Gans
Henry Rob Paulsen "A Wolf in Cheap Clothing"
Humphrey the Bear James MacDonald "Bearing Up Baby"
Jolly Roger Jim Cummings
Koo-Koo Pat Carroll "Gorilla My Dreams"
Lawhinie Deborah Walley "Gadget Goes Hawaiian"
Ma Ruth Buzzi
  Kathleen Freeman "Short Order Crooks"
Maltese Le Sade Howard Morris "Le Purrfect Crime"
Man with fish Rob Paulsen "Robocat"
Mandy Laura Mooney "Catteries Not Included"
Meps Peter Cullen
Mole Corey Burton
Mongoose (?) Rob Paulsen "Chocolate Chips"
Monterey Jack Jim Cummings
Monty's old girlfriend's new boyfriend Rob Paulsen "Love is a Many Splintered Thing"
Moose Danny Gans
Mr. Starfish Frank Buxton "Parental Discretion Retired"
Muscles Danny Gans
Myron Rob Paulsen "The Case of the Cola Cult"
Nice Bull Rob Paulsen "When Mice Were Men"
Officer Kirby Peter Cullen
Officer Muldoon Peter Cullen
Plato Alan Oppenheimer "Rescue Rangers to the Rescue"
Professor Bernard Fox "Gorilla My Dreams"
Professor Nimnul Jim Cummings
Rat Rob Paulsen "The Case of the Cola Cult"
Red Badger of Courage Chuck McCann "The SS Drainpipe"
Ribit Frank Welker ?
Robotic Cat Rob Paulsen "Robocat"
Sergeant Spinelli Jim Cummings
Seymour the Travel Agent Danny Gans "It's a Bird, It's Insane, It's Dale"
Shakabaka Rob Paulsen "Gadget Goes Hawaiian"
Snout Corey Burton
Sparky Danny Gans
Tammy Noelle North "Adventures in Squirrelsitting"
Tour Guide Rob Paulsen "Chocolate Chips"
Wart Jim Cummings
Wild Bill Hiccup Gregg Berger "They Shoot Dogs, Don't They?"
Wing Ding Rob Paulsen "An Elephant Never Suspects"
Zipper Corey Burton
Zsa Zsa Labrador Joan Gerber "They Shoot Dogs, Don't They"
(additional voices) Susan Blu
  Veikko Honkanen (Finnish)
  Tim Hoskins
  Russi Taylor

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