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ALF: The Animated Series
ALF: The Animated Series

Also Known As: ALF Tales
Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 1987

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Augie Shumway Tabitha St. Germain
Bob Shumway Thick Wilson
Cantfayl Len Carlson
Curtis Shumway Michael Fantini (1987-1989)
  Noam Zylberman
Eggbert Petty Dan Hennessey
Flo Shumway Peggy Mahon
Gordon "ALF" Shumway Paul Fusco
Larson Petty Thick Wilson
Rhonda Tabitha St. Germain
Rick Fusterman Paul Fusco
Sergeant Staff Len Carlson
Skipper "Skip" III Rob Cowan
Sloop Dan Hennessey
Stella Ellen-Ray Hennessy
(additional voices) Eva Almos
  Harvey Atkin
  Jayne Eastwood
  Don Francks
  Marvin Goldhar
  Ray Kahnert
  Marla Lukofsky
  Greg Morton
  Nick Nichols
  Stephen Ouimette
  Linda Sorenson
  John Stocker
  Greg Swanson

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