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Dr. Dolittle 2
Dr. Dolittle 2

Also Known As: Doctor Dolittle 2
Genre: Live Action Film
Release Date: 2001

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Alligator Kevin Pollak
Animal Groupie #1 Jamie Kennedy
Animal Groupie #2 David Cross
Animal Groupie #3 Ken Hudson Campbell
Animal Groupie #4 Bob Odenkirk
Archie Steve Zahn
Ava Lisa Kudrow
Bandit Jamie Kennedy
Bee Clyde Kusatsu
  Keone Young
Bird David L. Lander
  Michael McKean
Boy Bear Cub Frankie Muniz
Dog Ken Hudson Campbell
  David Cross
  Bob Odenkirk
Drunk Monkey Philip Proctor
Female Giraffe Georgia Engel
Female Tortoise Renee Taylor
Fish Melique Berger
Forest Animal Ken Hudson Campbell
  Jamie Kennedy
  Bob Odenkirk
Giraffe Georgia Engel
Girl Bear Cub Mandy Moore
Horse Race Announcer Trevor Denman
Joey the Raccoon Michael Rapaport
Lennie the Weasel Andy Dick
Lucky Norm Macdonald
Male Tortoise Tom Kenny
Mouse John DiMaggio
Pepito Jacob Vargas
Possum Isaac Hayes
Rat #1 John Leguizamo
Rat #2 Reni Santoni
School Fish #1 Hal Sparks
School Fish #2 David DeLuise
Seeing Eye Dog John DiMaggio
Sonny Mike Epps
Squirrel Joey Lauren Adams
The Godbeaver Richard C. Sarafian
Wassup Fish John DiMaggio
White Wolf Arnold Schwarzenegger
Zoo Bear #1 Cedric the Entertainer
Zoo Bear #2 John Witherspoon

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