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Liberty's Kids
Liberty's Kids

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 02 September 2002
Voice Director: Pam Carter
Official Website: http://libertyskids.com

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Abigail Adams Annette Bening
Alexander Hamilton Andrew Rannells
Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben Arnold Schwarzenegger "Valley Forge"
Benedict Arnold Dustin Hoffman
Benjamin Franklin Walter Cronkite
Charles Cornwallis Ralph Fiennes
David Bushnell Tony Wike "The Turtle"
Deborah Samson Whoopi Goldberg
George Washington Cork Ramer
Henri Kathleen Barr
James Hiller Chris Lundquist
James Madison Warren Buffett
John Adams Billy Crystal
John Ashley Tom Poston ?
John Paul Jones Liam Neeson "Not Yet Begun to Fight"
King George III Charles Shaughnessy
Moses D. Kevin Williams
Patrick Henry Michael Douglas "United We Stand," "Liberty or Death"
Paul Revere Sylvester Stallone "Midnight Ride"
Richard Howe Michael York "One Life to Lose"
Thomas Jefferson Ben Stiller
Thomas Paine Nils Haaland "Common Sense," "American Crisis"
(additional voices) Jill Anderson
  Terry Berner
  Bettina Bush
  Pam Carter
  Jason Connery
  Melissa Fahn
  Michael Horse
  Ian Lee
  J. Michael Lee
  Rita Taggart
  Dierk Torsek
(various American soldiers) Tony Wike

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