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Crank Yankers
Crank Yankers

Genre: Puppet Series
Release Date: 2002

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Adam Carolla Adam Carolla "Episode 2.3"
Al Foster #1 David Wain "Episode 2.7"
Al Foster #2 Michael Ian Black "Episode 2.7"
Andy Milonakis Andy Milonakis "Episode 4.1," "Episode 4.6"
Arthur Johnson Seth MacFarlane "Episode 2.14"
Batman's Nemesis Jordan Rubin "Episode 1.3"
Benjamin Dubois David Cross "Episode 2.13"
Billy Fletcher Eminem "Episode 2.21
Bob Carlman Bob Einstein "Episode 1.1," "Episode 1.8"
Boomer Patton Oswalt "Episode 1.2," "Episode 2.6," "Episode 2.9," "Episode 2.20"
Cammie Lisa Arch
Chamillionaire Chamillionaire "Episode 4.3"
Chip Douglas Fred Armisen
Clay Brian Posehn "Episode 2.19"
Confucious Billy West "Episode 1.9," "Episode 1.10"
Danny David Alan Grier "Episode 1.5," "Episode 1.9," "Episode 2.17"
David David Wain "Episode 2.1"
Dick Birchum Adam Carolla "Episode 2.3," "Episode 4.5," "Episode 4.7"
Dick Rogers Seth MacFarlane "Episode 2.14," "Episode 3.6," "Episode 3.10"
Dom Dom Irrera "Episode 2.5"
Dr. Premise Jordan Rubin "Episode 2.12," "Episode 2.18," "Episode 3.11"
Drew Carey Drew Carey "Episode 3.15," "Episode 3.22"
Drew Pinsky Drew Pinsky "Episode 2.8," "Episode 2.16"
Droopy Bob Odenkirk "Episode 3.14"
Elmer Higgins Jimmy Kimmel
Esperanza Thomas Nicole Sullivan "Episode 2.24"
Ezekiel Magoo Jerry Minor "Episode 2.24"
Foreign Guy Dane Cook "Episode 2.6"
Francis Dave Chappelle "Episode 4.5"
Gene Winterbuck Dane Cook "Episode 1.10"
George Zucco Gilbert Gottfried
Gladys Murphy Wanda Sykes "Episode 1.3," "Episode 2.16"
Hadassah Guberman Sarah Silverman
Helen Higgins Susie Essman "Episode 1.6," "Episode 1.8," "Episode 2.10," "Episode 2.17"
Jack Black Jack Black "Episode 1.3"
Jack Gravat Kevin Nealon "Episode 2.3"
Jack Osbourne Jack Osbourne "Episode 3.2"
Jeff Jeff Garlin "Episode 2.4," "Episode 2.13," "Episode 2.17"
Joe Smith Denis Leary "Episode 1.2"
John Tierney Robert Smigel "Episode 2.16"
Jon the Businessman Jonathan Kimmel "Episode 4.1"
Katie Katie Kimmel
Katie Kimmel Katie Kimmel "Episode 3.22"
Kevin Kevin Kimmel
Kevin Kimmel Kevin Kimmel "Episode 3.22"
Kyle Gass Kyle Gass "Episode 1.3"
Landanlius 'The Truth' Truefeld David Alan Grier
Larson Grier Tom Kenny "Episode 2.16"
Lawyer Robert Smigel "Episode 4.3"
Lil Jon Lil Jon "Episode 4.1," "Episode 4.4"
Lloyd Andy Richter "Episode 2.28," "Episode 3.3," "Episode 3.22"
Ludacris Ludacris "Episode 3.13," "Episode 3.19"
Maria Kathy Griffin "Episode 2.20"
Mark Thomas Kenan Thompson "Episode 4.1"
Michael Michael Ian Black "Episode 2.1"
Moo-Shu Billy West "Episode 1.3"
Nick Cannon Nick Cannon "Episode 4.8"
OCD Ken Kevin Nealon "Episode 2.3"
Professor Fermstein Jeff Goldblum "Episode 2.1," "Episode 3.15"
Ray Shanty David Cross "Episode 2.22"
Rob Stephen Colbert "Episode 1.1"
Robert Drew Carey "Episode 3.13"
Rudy Fred Stoller "Episode 3.2"
Russel Seth Green "Episode 4.5"
Samir Robert Smigel "Episode 2.19"
Sav McCauley Dane Cook "Episode 1.7," "Episode 1.10"
Sharon Osbourne Sharon Osbourne "Episode 3.2"
Shavin Dave Chappelle "Episode 1.1"
Snoop Dogg Snoop Dogg "Episode 2.3," "Episode 2.19"
Sonny Jonathan Kimmel "Episode 2.20"
Steve-O Steve-O "Episode 4.1," "Episode 4.2"
Steven Goldstein Bobcat Goldthwait
Stompie David Alan Grier "Episode 2.15," "Episode 2.23"
Terrance Jimmy Kimmel
Theo Tom Kenny "Episode 2.24"
Tony DeLoge Bob Einstein
Travis Grummin Seth Green "Episode 2.27"
Wally Palumbo Jamie Kennedy "Episode 2.23"
Wanda Wanda Sykes "Episode 1.4"

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