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Also Known As: Witch
Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 15 January 2005
Voice Director: Ginny McSwain

Based on a comic book published in Italy by Disney Publishing Worldwide.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Alchemy Lauren Tom
Aldarn Dee Bradley Baker
Althor Michael Bell "B is for Betrayal"
  Michael Gough (II) "N is for Narcissist"
Andrew Hornby Byrne Offutt "H is for Hunted," "K is for Knowledge," "W is for Witch"
Anna Lair Candi Milo
Blunk Steve Blum
Caleb Greg Cipes
Cassidy Susan Chesler
Cedric Dee Bradley Baker
Chen Lin James Sie
Christopher Lair Cesar Flores
Cornelia Hale Mirjami Heikkinen (Finnish)
  Christel Khalil
  Sybille Tureau (French)
Courtney Grumper Courtney Peldon "The Stone of Threbes," "Stop the Presses," "S is for Self"
Crimson Michael Bell
Dean Collins Cam Clarke
Drake Michael Bell
Eleanor Brown Vanessa Marshall "Escape from Cavigor", "Parent's Night"
Elizabeth Hale Nancy Linari
Elyon Brown Serena Berman
Ember Cree Summer
Eric Lyndon Justin Shenkarow
Frost Dee Bradley Baker
Gargoyle Dee Bradley Baker
Grandma Lauren Tom
Guards Dee Bradley Baker "Escape from Cavigor," "The Battle of Meridian Plains"
  Frank Welker "Escape from Cavigor," "The Battle of Meridian Plains"
Halinor B.J. Ward
Hay Lin Liza Del Mundo
  Heljä Heikkinen (Finnish)
Herbert Olsen Val Bettin "The Mogriffs"
Howard Hale Jim Cummings
Irma Lair Candi Milo
Ironwood Masasa Moyo "P is for Protectors," "Q is for Quarry," "R is for Relentless"
Jeek Paul Eiding
Joan Lin Rosalind Chao
Julian Loren Lester
Kadma CCH Pounder
Kurt Van Buren Steve Blum
Laurent Clubberman Greg Cipes
Lillian Hale Alyson Stoner
Lionel Cook Dorian Harewood
Luba Iona Morris
Lurdens Dee Bradley Baker
  Steve Blum
  Greg Cipes
  Byrne Offutt
  Mitchell Whitfield
Mage B.J. Ward
Martin Tubbs Dee Bradley Baker
Matthew Olsen / Shagon Jason Marsden
Miranda Grey Griffin
Mr. Huggles / Khor Dee Bradley Baker
Mrs. Rudolph Marianne Muellerleile
Napoleon the Cat Edward Asner
Nerissa Kath Soucie
Nigel Ashcroft Michael Reisz
Oracle Michael Gough (II)
Peter Cook Ogie Banks
Prince Phobos Mitchell Whitfield
Principal Knickerbocker Candi Milo
Prisoners Frank Welker "Escape from Cavigor"
Raythor Steve Blum
Sandpit Greg Cipes "E is for Enemy"
  Byrne Offutt "C is for Changes"
  Lloyd Sherr "B is for Betrayal"
  Kath Soucie
  Mitchell Whitfield "A is for Anonymous," "Z is for Zenith"
Scuttlers Dee Bradley Baker "Escape from Cavigor"
  Frank Welker "Escape from Cavigor," "The Battle of Meridian Plains"
Sniffer Dee Bradley Baker
Taranee Cook Miss Kittie
  Kiti Kokkonen (Finnish)
Theresa Korf Mia Korf
Thomas Brown Mark L. Taylor
Tom Lair Byrne Offutt
Tracker Michael Bell "Z is for Zenith"
  Jeff Bennett "The Labyrinth," "Return of the Tracker"
  Candi Milo "E is for Enemy"
Tridart Jim Cummings
Trill Candi Milo
Tynar Daran Norris
Uriah Dunn Byrne Offutt
Vathek Lloyd Sherr
Will Vandom Kelly Stables
  Magdalena Turba (German)
Yan Lin Candi Milo
? Jerome Beidler
(additional voices) Annituuli Kasurinen (Finnish)

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