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Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law
Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 30 December 2000

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Announcer David Kaye "Deadomutt" Pt. 2
  David Lodge "The Death of Harvey"
Answering Machine Erik Richter "Deadomutt" Pt. 2
Apache Chief Maurice LaMarche
Astro Wally Wingert "Back to the Present"
Atom Ant Maurice LaMarche "Incredible Hippo"
Augie Doggie Chris Edgerly "Peanut Puberty"
Avenger Maurice LaMarche "High Speed Buggy Chase"
  Adam Lawson "Shoyu Weenie," "The Dabba Don"
  Erik Richter "Mufti Trouble," "Grodin"
  Andre Sogliuzzo "Deadomutt" Pt. 1, "Deadomutt" Pt. 2
  Frank Welker "Shaggy Busted," "Death By Chocolate"
Azul Falcone Maurice LaMarche
Baba Louie Rob Paulsen "Guitar Control"
Barney Rubble Kevin Michael Richardson "The Dabba Don"
Barracuda Chris Edgerly "Harvey's Civvy"
Bear Matt Peccini
Beegle Beagle Doug Preis "Grape Juiced"
Benny the Ball Maurice LaMarche "Mindless"
Biff Frank Welker "Shoyu Weenie"
Bill Ken Sebben Keith Ferguson "Birdnapped"
Bird Maurice LaMarche "The Dabba Don"
Birdgirl / Judy Sebben Paget Brewster
Black Vulcan / Supervolt Phil LaMarr
Bob Erik Richter "Deadomutt" Pt. 1
Bobby Joseph Seal "The Devlin Made Me Do It"
Boo Boo Bear Tom Kenny "Death By Chocolate," "Back to the Present"
Bus Driver Frank Welker "The Death of Harvey"
Can Opener Maurice LaMarche "The Dabba Don"
Captain Caveman Chris Edgerly "Evolutionary War"
Cavey Jr. Maurice LaMarche "Evolutionary War"
Chibo Mary Birdsong "Beyond the Valley of the Dinosaurs"
Choo Choo Tom Kenny "Mindless"
Citizen Thom Pinto "Return of Birdgirl"
Clamhead Steve Blum "Identity Theft"
Clown Jeff Bergman "Shaggy Busted"
Co-Worker Andre Sogliuzzo "Deadomutt" Pt. 1
Cop Erik Richter "Shaggy Busted," "X, the Exterminator"
Cubby McQuilkin David Koechner "Babysitter"
Cumulus the Storm King Chris Edgerly "Harvey's Civvy"
Daphne Blake Grey Griffin "Shaggy Busted"
Deadly Duplicator / Elliot Lewis Black
Debbie Nika Futterman "High Speed Buggy Chase"
  Grey Griffin
Der Spazmucher Maurice LaMarche "The Devlin Made Me Do It"
Ding-A-Ling Wolf Neil Ross "SPF," "The Death of Harvy"
Doctor Chris Edgerly "Droopy Botox"
Dog Erik Richter "Shaggy Busted"
Doggie Daddy Maurice LaMarche "Peanut Puberty," "Droopy Botox"
Dr. Benton Quest Neil Ross "Bannon Custody Case"
Dr. Gale Melody Grey Griffin "Shoyu Weenie"
Dr. Quincy Steve Landesberg "Death By Chocolate"
Dr. Zin Billy West "Bannon Custody Case"
Droopy Maurice LaMarche "Droopy Botox"
Drunk Man Jack Angel "Very Personal Injury"
Dum Dum Maurice LaMarche "Mindless"
Dynomutt Andre Sogliuzzo "Deadomutt"
Elroy Jetson Tom Kenny "Back to the Present"
Employee Joe Alaskey "Deadomutt" Pt. 1
  Chris Edgerly "Droopy Botox"
Ernie Devlin Toby Huss "The Devlin Made Me Do It," "Harvy's Civvy," "Grodin"
Evelyn Spyro Throckmorton Michael McKean
FEAR Agents Joe Alaskey "X, the Exterminator"
  Phil LaMarr "X, the Exterminator"
Fancy-Fancy Chris Edgerly "Mindless"
Foreman Dee Bradley Baker "Deadomutt" Pt. 2
Forensic Pathologist Dee Bradley Baker "Deadomutt" Pt. 2
Fred Flintstone Maurice LaMarche "The Dabba Don," "Birdgirl of Guatanamole"
Fred Jones Frank Welker "Shaggy Busted"
Gargoyle Billy West "Bannon Custody Case"
General Jack Angel "Very Personal Injury"
George Jetson Jeff Bergman "Shaggy Busted"
  Wally Wingert "Back to the Present"
Gigi Debi Mae West
Gleep Adam Lawson "The Dabba Don"
  Debi Mae West "Grape Juiced"
Gorak Chris Edgerly "Beyond the Valley of the Dinosaurs"
Grape Ape John Michael Higgins "Grape Juiced"
Guy Phil LaMarr "Trio's Company"
  David Lodge "The Death of Harvey"
Hadji Wally Wingert "Bannon Custody Case"
Harry Twiddles Wally Wingert "SPF"
Harvey Birdman Gary Cole
Hi-Riser Maurice LaMarche "SPF"
Inch High Maurice LaMarche "Trio's Company." "Incredible Hippo"
Jabberjaw Frank Welker "Shoyu Weenie," "The Dabba Don," "The Death of Harvey"
Jane Jetson Diane Michelle "Back to the Present"
Jonathan Wellington "Mudsy" Muddlemore Chris Edgerly "High Speed Buggy Chase"
Jonny Quest Dee Bradley Baker "Bannon Custody Case"
Judge Thom Pinto "Return of Birdgirl"
Judge Hiram Mightor Gary Cole
Lawyer Fred Tatasciore "Gone Efficien...t"
Lizard Man Dee Bradley Baker "Bannon Custody Case," "Deadomutt" Pt. 2
Magilla Gorilla Maurice LaMarche "Evolutionary War," "Free Magilla"
Mentok the Mindtaker John Michael Higgins
Moby Dick Wally Wingert "SPF"
Morocco Mole Maurice LaMarche "Birdgirl of Guatanamole"
Mr. Finkerton Chris Edgerly "Trio's Company"
Mr. Peebles Maurice LaMarche "Free Magilla"
Murro the Marauder Paul Adelstein "Harvey's Civvy"
Myron Reducto Stephen Colbert
Narrator Neil Ross "Return of Birdgirl"
Newscaster Nika Futterman "High Speed Buggy Chase"
Nikos Fred Tatasciore "Gone Efficien...t"
Nitron Maurice LaMarche "The Death of Harvey"
Norlissa Kym Whitley "Booty Noir"
Officer David Kaye "Deadomutt" Pt. 1, "Deadomutt" Pt. 2
Old Man Bakov Jeff Bergman "Shaggy Busted"
Operator Carol Bach y Rita "Deadomutt: Part 2"
Orbity Diane Michelle "Back to the Present"
Pebbles Flintstone Tress MacNeille "The Dabba Don"
Peter Potamus Joe Alaskey (2003)
  Chris Edgerly
Phil Ken Sebben Stephen Colbert
Pope Andre Sogliuzzo "Deadomutt" Pt. 2
Priest Chris Edgerly "Return of Birdgirl"
Prisoner Erik Richter "Deadomutt" Pt. 2
Prisoners Scott Innes "Shaggy Busted"
  Erik Richter "Shaggy Busted"
Quick Draw McGraw Maurice LaMarche "Guitar Control"
Race Bannon Thom Pinto "Bannon Custody Case"
Receptionist Grey Griffin "Deadomutt" Pt. 2
Rehnquist Neil Ross "Return of Birdgirl"
Ricochet Rabbit Mark Hamill "X Gets the Crest"
Ride Operator Maurice LaMarche "Trio's Company"
Robot Frank Welker "Shaggy Busted"
Scooby-Doo Scott Innes "Shaggy Busted"
Scrappy-Doo Scott Innes "Shaggy Busted"
Secret Squirrel Bill Farmer "Blackwatch Plaid," "Birdgirl of Guatanamole"
Shado Toby Huss "Harvey's Civvy"
Shaggy Rogers Scott Innes "Shaggy Busted"
Shazzan Maurice LaMarche "Mufti Trouble"
Speed Buggy Maurice LaMarche "High Speed Buggy Chase"
Spiderkid Grey Griffin "The Devlin Made Me Do It"
Stan Freezoid Maurice LaMarche
Stavros Steve Blum "Gone Efficien...t"
Superkid Grey Griffin "The Devlin Made Me Do It"
Supreme Court Bailiff Chris Edgerly "Return of Birdgirl"
Sybil Schussler Laraine Newman "Very Personal Injury"
Talia Carol Bach y Rita "Deadomutt" Pt. 1
Tana Mary Birdsong "Beyond the Valley of the Dinosaurs"
Thundarr Doug Preis "The Dabba Don"
Tinker Chris Edgerly "High Speed Buggy Chase"
Tod Chris Edgerly "The Devlin Made Me Do It"
Top Cat Tom Kenny "Mindless"
Velma Dinkley B.J. Ward "Shaggy Busted"
Vince Maurice LaMarche "Trio's Company"
Vulturo Jack Angel "Very Personal Injury"
  Neil Ross "Very Personal Injury"
Wally Gator Maurice LaMarche "Booty Noir"
Wilma Flintstone Tress MacNeille "The Dabba Don"
X the Eliminator Peter MacNicol
Yakky Doodle Steve Blum "Gone Efficien...t," "Identity Theft"
  Chris Edgerly "Grape Juiced"
Yogi Bear Maurice LaMarche "Death By Chocolate"
Zan Michael Bell "Very Personal Injury"
Zardo John Michael Higgins

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