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Rocket Power
Rocket Power

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 1999
Voice Director: Charlie Adler

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Announcer Gregory Jbara "Radical New Equipment"
Attendant David Neil Black "After Shocked"
Dude #2 David Neil Black "Reggie's Big (Beach) Break"
Eddie Valentine Jordan Warkol
Howie Shakem David Neil Black "New Kid on the Block"
Lame-o the Clown Gregory Jbara "Happy Luau to You-Au", "Twister's Cuz"
Lars Rodriguez Lombardo Boyar
Lifeguard Gregory Jbara "Lost and Find"
Lizzie Olivia Hack "Radical New Equipment"
MacKenzie Rosslynn Taylor Jordan
Maurice "Twister" Rodriguez Ulises Cuadra (1999-2003)
Merv Stimpleton Henry Gibson
Mongo John DiMaggio "The Spot Remover"
Mrs. Dunkel Gaille Heidemann
Oliver van Rossam David Gallagher
Operator Gregory Jbara "Twister's Cuz"
Otto Marlies Somers (Dutch)
Otto Rocket Joseph Ashton
PA Announcer Gregory Jbara "Aloha Kid"
Paula Dullard Jennifer Hale
Raymundo Rocket John Kassir
Reggie Chris M. Allport "Losers Weepers/Reggie the Movie"
Reggie Rocket Cristina Hernández (Spanish (Latin American))
  Caroline Pascal (French)
Rhino Jamie Alcroft
Rocker #2 Gregory Jbara "Happy Luau to You-Au"
Rocket Boy Joseph Ashton
Sam Dullard Gary Leroi Gray (2000-2003)
  Sean Marquette (2003 - )
Shaffika Stacy Ferguson "Reggie's Big Break"
Sherry Lauren Tom
Singer Greg Cipes
Sputz Piston Dominic Armato
Surfer 2 Gregory Jbara "Radical New Equipment"
Tito Makani Jr. Ray Bumatai
Toga Man Gregory Jbara "Lost and Find"
Tony Eggs Gregory Jbara "Happy Luau to You-Au"
Trish Lauren Tom
Violet Stimpleton Edie McClurg

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