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Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 19 November 1994 - 31 July 1998

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Agent Susan Choi Amy Hill "Framed," "The Man Without Fear"
Agent X Rachel Davies "Day of the Chameleon," "Six Forgotten Warriors," "The Price of Heroism"
Alisa Silver Leigh Allyn Baker
Alistair Smythe Maxwell Caulfield
Anastacia Hardy Dimitria Arliss "Make a Wish," "Enter the Green Goblin"
  Rue McClanahan "Doctor Octopus: Armed and Dangerous"
Anna Watson Majel Barrett
Aunt May Parker Julie Bennett (1997)
  Linda Gary (1994-1996)
Baron Mordo / Karl Mordo Tony Jay
Beast / Hank McCoy George Buza "The Mutant Agenda," Mutant's Revenge"
Beyonder Earl Boen
Billy Connors Toby Scott Ganger "Night of the Lizard"
Black Cat / Felicia Hardy Jennifer Hale
Black Marvel / Omar Mosely Paul Winfield "Secrets of the Six," "The Six Fight Again," "The Price of Heroism"
Blade / Eric Brooks J.D. Hall
Bud Hank Azaria "Night of the Lizard"
Butler Efrem Zimbalist Jr. "Doctor Octopus: Armed and Dangerous"
Calypso / Dr. Mariah Crawford Susan Beaubian
Captain America / Steve Rogers David Hayter
Carnage / Cletus Kasady Scott Cleverdon "Venom Returns," "Carnage"
Clay Marks Don Reed "The Awakening," "The Vampire Queen," "The Prowler"
Cyclops / Scott Summers Norm Spencer "The Mutant Agenda," "Mutant's Revenge"
Daredevil / Matthew Murdock Edward Albert "Framed," "The Man Without Fear"
Debra Whitman Liz Georges
Destroyer / Keene Marlow Roy Dotrice "Secrets of the Six," "The Six Fight Again," "The Price of Heroism"
Detective Terri Lee Dawnn Lewis
Doctor Doom / Victor von Doom Tom Kane "Doom"
Doctor Octopus / Otto Octavius Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
Doctor Strange / Stephen Strange John Vernon "Doctor Strange"
Dormammu Ed Gilbert
Dr. Ashley Kafka Barbara Goodson "Venom Returns," "Carnage," "The Return of the Green Goblin"
Dr. Farley Stillwell Michael Rye "The Sting of the Scorpion," "The Insidious Six," "The Final Nightmare," "Make a Wish"
Editor Maxwell Caulfield "The Return of the Spider-Slayers"
Electro / Rhienholdt Schmidt Philip Proctor
FBI Agent Steven Polinsky "Doctor Octopus: Armed and Dangerous"
Flash Thompson Patrick Labyorteaux
Gambit / Remy LeBeau Chris Potter "The Mutant Agenda," "Mutant's Revenge"
Genevieve Laurie O'Brien "The Mutant Agenda," "Mutant's Revenge"
Gila Kathy Garver "The Lizard King"
Glory Grant Nell Carter "Day of the Chameleon," "Guilty!"
Green Goblin / Harry Osborn Gary Imhoff
Green Goblin / Norman Osborn Neil Ross
Guard #1 Gary Imhoff "The Return of the Spider-Slayers"
Gwen Stacey Mary Kay Bergman "Spider Wars, Chapter 2: Farewell Spider-Man"
Hammerhead Nicky Blair "The Insidious Six," "Battle of the Insidious Six," "Tablet of Time," "Ravages of Time"
Herbert Landon David Warner
Hobgoblin / Jason Philip Macendale Mark Hamill
  Radoslaw Pazura (Polish)
Hotel Clerk Jonathan Harris "The Return of Hydro-Man" Pt. 2
Human Torch / Johnny Storm Quinton Flynn "Arrival," "Doom"
Hydro-Man / Morrie Bench Rob Paulsen "Hydro-Man", "The Return of Hydro-Man"
Illyena Edie Mirman "Unclaimed Legacy"
Invisible Woman / Susan Storm Gail Matthius "Arrival," "Doom"
Iron Man / Tony Stark Robert Hays
J. Jonah Jameson Edward Asner
Jackson Weele Michael Des Barres "The Rocket Racer"
Jean Grey Catherine Disher "The Mutant Agenda," "Mutant's Revenge"
John Jameson Michael Horton "The Alien Costume"
Jubilee / Jubilation Lee Alyson Court "The Mutant Agenda," "Mutant's Revenge"
Kingpin / Wilson Fisk Roscoe Lee Browne
Kingpin's Father Gregory Alan Williams "The Man Without Fear"
Kraven the Hunter / Sergei Kravinoff Gregg Berger
Lenny Lankowski Carl Ballantine "Goblin Wars"
Lewald Joseph Ruskin "The Mutant Agenda," "Mutant's Revenge," "Shriek of the Vulture"
Liz Allan Marla Rubinoff
Lizard / Dr. Curt Connors Joseph Campanella
Madame Web Joan Lee
Man-Spider Jim Cummings "Enter the Punisher," "Duel of the Hunters"
Margaret Connors Giselle Loren "Night of the Lizard"
Martha Robertson Iona Morris "Tombstone," "Guilty"
Mary Jane Watson Sara Ballantine
Masked Leader #1 Maxwell Caulfield "The Spider Slayer"
Masked Leader #2 Gary Imhoff "The Spider Slayer"
Masked Leader #3 Neil Ross "The Spider Slayer"
Masked Leader #4 Rodney Saulsberry "The Spider Slayer"
Masked Leader #5 Hank Azaria "The Spider Slayer"
Michael Pingree Scott Cleverdon "Make a Wish"
Microchip Robert Axelrod "Enter the Punisher," "Duel of the Hunters," "Return of the Green Goblin"
Miriam Nichelle Nichols "The Vampire Queen," "The Gauntlet of the Red Skull"
Miss America / Madelyn Joyce Kathy Garver "Secrets of the Six," "The Six Fight Again," "The Price of Heroism"
Mister Fantastic / Reed Richards Cam Clarke "Arrival," "Doom"
Monitor Rodney Saulsberry "The Lizard King"
Morbius the Living Vampire / Michael Morbius Nick Jameson
Mother Linda Gary "The Return of the Spider-Slayers"
Mrs. Farrell Telma Hopkins "The Rocket Racer"
Mysterio / Quentin Beck Gregg Berger
Ned Leeds Bob Bergen "Guilty," "The Awakening"
Newscaster John Beard
Nick Fury Philip Abbott (1994-1996)
  Pablo Adán (Spanish (Castilian))
  Jack Angel (1996-1998)
Nora Lois Nettleton "Day of the Chameleon," "The Cat"
Old Peter Parker Peter Mark Richman "The Final Nightmare"
Paramedic Rodney Saulsberry "Doctor Octopus: Armed and Dangerous"
Professor Miles Warren Jonathan Harris "The Return of Hydro-Man" Pt. 2
Professor X / Charles Xavier Cedric Smith "The Mutant Agenda," "Mutant's Revenge"
Prowler / Hobie Brown Tim Russ "The Prowler"
Punisher / Frank Castle John Beck "Enter the Punisher," "Duel of the Hunters," "Return of the Green Goblin"
Randy Robertson Alfonso Ribeiro "Tombstone," "Guilty"
Red Skull / Johann Schmidt Earl Boen
Rhino / Alex O'Hirn Don Stark
Richard Fisk Nick Jameson
Robbie Robertson Rodney Saulsberry
Rocket Racer / Robert Farrell Billy 'Pop' Atmore "The Rocket Racer"
Sam Ken Chandler "Night of the Lizard"
Scarlet Spider / Ben Reilly Christopher Daniel Barnes "Spider Wars, Pts. 1 & 2"
Scorpion / Mac Gargan Martin Landau (1995-1996)
  Richard Moll (1997)
Security Chief Steven Polinsky "Doctor Octopus: Armed and Dangerous"
Security Guard Ken Chandler "The Menace of Mysterio"
  Rodney Saulsberry "Doctor Octopus: Armed and Dangerous"
Shocker / Herman Schultz Jim Cummings
Silver Sable / Silver Sablinova Mira Furlan "Six Forgotten Warriors," "Unclaimed Legacy," "The Six Fight Again," "The Price of Heroism"
Silvermane (Old) Jeff Corey
Silvermane (Young/Middle-Aged) Townsend Coleman "Ravages of Time," "Partners"
Spencer Smythe Edward Mulhare "The Spider Slayer"
Spider-Man / Peter Parker Christopher Daniel Barnes
  Stefano Onofri (Italian)
Spot / Jonathan Ohn Oliver Muirhead "The Spot," "Goblin Wars"
Stan Lee Stan Lee "Farewell Spider-Man"
Storm / Ororo Munroe Iona Morris "Arrival," "Gauntlet of the Red Skull," "Doom"
  Alison Sealy-Smith "The Mutant Agenda," "Mutant's Revenge"
Strange Man Jonathan Harris "The Return of Hydro-Man" Pt. 1
Thing / Benjamin Grimm Radoslaw Pazura (Polish) "Arrival," "Doom"
  Patrick Pinney "Arrival," "Doom"
Thunderer / Jerry Carstairs Hansford Rowe "The Price of Heroism"
Tombstone / Lonnie Lincoln Dorian Harewood
Uncle Ben Parker Brian Keith
  Radoslaw Pazura (Polish)
Venom / Eddie Brock Hank Azaria
Vulture / Adrian Toomes (Old) Eddie Albert
Vulture / Adrian Toomes (Young) / Arthur Avis Alan Johnson
Wardell Stromm Philip Abbott "Enter the Green Goblin"
Whistler Malcolm McDowell "Blade the Vampire Hunter," "The Immortal Vampire"
  Oliver Muirhead "The Vampire Queen," "The Awakening"
Whizzer / Robert Frank Walker Edmiston "Secrets of the Six," "The Six Fight Again," "The Price of Heroism"
Wolverine / Logan Cathal J. Dodd "The Mutant Agenda," "Mutant's Revenge"
Wong George Takei "Doctor Strange"
Young Man Hank Azaria "The Return of the Spider-Slayers"
Young Peter Parker Warren Sroka "The Mutant Agenda"
(additional voices) Ken Chandler "Day of the Chameleon"
  Nick Jameson "Attack of the Octo-Bot"
  Courtney Peldon "Make a Wish," "Attack of the Octo-Bot"

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