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Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 2000 - 2004
Official Website: http://www.adultswim.com/shows/athf/

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Aliens Will Forte "Antenna"
  Mike Judge "Antenna"
Angel Paul F. Tompkins "Juggalo"
Basketball Tim Heidecker "Hypno-Germ"
Bert Banana David Cross "Bible Fruit"
Boost Mobile Phone Killer Mike "Boost Mobile"
Carl Brutananadilewski Dave Willis
Cliff Vishal Roney "Remooned"
Computer Technician Natasha Leggero "Fry Legs"
Delivery Guy Matt Maiellaro
Dolores Eddie Pepitone "Hospice"
Donna Bryson Kim Manning "Spacegate World"
Dr. Weird C. Martin Croker
Emory Mike Schatz
Err Matt Maiellaro
Flesh Train Andrew Daly "The Hairy Bus"
Frylock Carey Means
George Lowe George Lowe "Antenna"
Germ Master Eric Wareheim "Hypno-Germ"
Happy Time Harry David Cross "Dumber Dolls", "The Last One"
Ignignokt Dave Willis
Jerry Jon Glaser "Broodwich"
Jubilee Monica Rial "Knapsack!"
MC Pee Pants Chris Ward
Major Shake-replicant Matt Harrigan "The Last One", "Bad Replicant"
Master Shake Dana Snyder
Meatwad Dave Willis
Merle Andy Merrill
Mortimer Mango H. Jon Benjamin "Bible Fruits"
Mothmonsterman H. Jon Benjamin "Bus of the Undead," "The Last One"
Mr. Sticks H. Jon Benjamin "Broodwich"
Narrator Michael Hanks "Gee Whiz"
  Todd Hanson "Hypno-Germ"
Oglethorpe Andy Merrill
Oog Jon Glaser "The Last One", "Super Computer"
Poncho Fred Armisen "Hypno-Germ"
Robositter Sarah Silverman "Robositter"
Rubberman Don Kennedy "Rubberman"
Seth Green Seth Green "The Dressing"
Standards & Practices Announcer George Lowe "Gee Whiz"
Steve C. Martin Croker
Store Clerk Nick Ingkatanuwat
Styro-Head Matt Maiellaro "The Clowning"
Tammy Tangerine Kristen Schaal "Bible Fruit"
The Voice Isaac Hayes III "Broodwich," "The Last One"
The www.yzzerdd.com Todd Hanson "Interfection"
Tom Turkey Bots Matt Maiellaro "The Dressing"
Tree Nick Ingkatanuwat
  Vishal Roney "Revenge of the Trees"
Videogame Voice Mike Schatz
Wayne the Brain Seth MacFarlane "Super Trivia"
Wedding DJ George Lowe "Mail-Order Bride"
Wisdom Cube Brian Posehn "The Cubing"
Young Carl Chris Ward
Zappy Mary Mack "Storage Zeebles"
Zingo Bobcat Goldthwait "Storage Zeebles"
(voice) Kristen Schaal

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