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My Little Pony and Friends
My Little Pony and Friends

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 15 September 1986
Voice Director: Ginny McSwain

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Baby Cuddles Nancy Cartwright
Baby Eagle Joey Camen ("Glo Friends" episode)
Baby Glo Worm Nancy Cartwright ("Glo Friends" segments)
Baby Heart Throb Nancy Cartwright
Baby Lofty Jill Wayne
Baby North Star B.J. Ward
Baby Quackers Robbie Lee
Baby Shady Katie Leigh
Big Chip David Mendenhall ("Potato Head Kids" segments)
Bitsy Elizabeth Lyn Fraser ("Moondreamers" segments)
Brasher Hal Rayle ("Glo Friends" segments)
Bray Frank Welker
Bully Frog Frank Welker ("Glo Friends" segments)
Buttons Susan Blu
Captain Crabnasty Peter Cullen "Fugitive Flowers"
Cherries Jubilee Jeannie Elias
Crystal Starr Tress MacNeille ("Moondreamers" segments)
Cupcake Russi Taylor
Danny Scott Menville
Dimples Laura Mooney ("Potato Head Kids" segments)
Dipper Duck Charlie Adler ("Glo Friends" segments)
Draggle Jennifer Darling
Dream Gazer Jennifer Darling ("Moondreamers" segments)
Excavator Charlie Adler ("Glo Friends" segments)
Fizzy Katie Leigh
Forget-Me-Not B.J. Ward
Furbob Tress MacNeille
Galaxy Sherry Lynn
Gingerbread Katie Leigh
Glo Bug Charlie Adler ("Glo Friends" segments)
Glo Cappy Russi Taylor ("Glo Friends" segments)
Glo Scuttlebug Mona Marshall ("Glo Friends" segments)
Glo Sluggerbug Frank Welker ("Glo Friends" segments)
Glo Snail Don Messick ("Glo Friends" segments)
Glo Worm Pat Fraley ("Glo Friends" segments)
Grogar Michael Bell
Gusty Nancy Cartwright
Heart Throb Katie Leigh
Honeysuckle Nancy Cartwright
Hydia Tress MacNeille
Igon Peter Cullen ("Moondreamers" segments)
Lickety-Split Katie Leigh
Locket Ellen Gerstell
Lofty Ellen Gerstell
Lolly Kellie Martin ("Potato Head Kids" segments)
Lumpy Ian Fried ("Potato Head Kids" segments)
Magic Star Jeannie Elias
Masquerade Jeannie Elias
Megan Bettina Bush
  Ginny McSwain
Molly Keri Houlihan
Morning Glory Russi Taylor
Mr. Potato Head Kenneth Mars ("Potato Head Kids" segments)
Mrs. Potato Head Linda Gary ("Potato Head Kids" segments)
Nails Susan Silo ("Glo Friends" segments)
North Star B.J. Ward
Nutcap Hal Rayle ("Glo Friends" segments)
Old Moldy Roger C. Carmel ("Glo Friends" segments)
Paradise Susan Blu
Peach Blossom B.J. Ward
Pluma Susan Blu
Pointer Frank Welker
Posey Nancy Cartwright ("Glo Friends" segments)
Professor Grimace Clive Revill ("Moondreamers" segments)
Queen Bumble Bettina Bush
Queen Scowlene Tress MacNeille ("Moondreamers" segments)
Reeka Jennifer Darling
Rep Paul Williams
Ribbon Katie Leigh
Roary Neil Ross ("Moondreamers" segments)
Rook Hal Rayle ("Glo Friends" segments)
Rosedust Russi Taylor
Scoop Nancy Cartwright ("Glo Friends" segments)
Scoops Ellen Gerstell
Shady Jill Wayne
Slick Scott Grimes ("Potato Head Kids" segments)
Smasher Charlie Adler ("Glo Friends" segments)
Spike Charlie Adler
  Scott Menville ("Potato Head Kids" segments)
Spud Breckin Meyer ("Potato Head Kids" segments)
Squawker Tress MacNeille ("Moondreamers" segments)
Starnose Roger C. Carmel ("Glo Friends" segments)
Surprise B.J. Ward
Truly Nancy Cartwright
Tulip Christina Lange ("Potato Head Kids" segments)
Ursa Major Tress MacNeille ("Moondreamers" segments)
Ursa Minor Melanie Gaffin ("Moondreamers" segments)
Whizzer Jeannie Elias
Wind Whistler Sarah Partridge
(additional voices) William Callaway
  Adam Carl ("Moondreamers" segments)
  Philip L. Clarke
  Townsend Coleman ("Glo Friends" segments)
  Danny Cooksey
  Marshall Efron
  Liz Georges ("Moondreamers" segments)
  Skip Hinnant
  Robert Ito
  Renae Jacobs ("Moondreamers" segments)
  Katie Leigh ("Glo Friends" segments)
  Danny Mann
  Terence McGovern ("Moondreamers" segments)
  Michael Mish ("Glo Friends" segments)
  Alan Oppenheimer
  Stu Rosen
  Will Ryan ("Glo Friends" segments)
  Ken Sansom ("Moondreamers" segments)
  Judy Strangis ("Moondreamers" segments)
  Lennie Weinrib
  Ted Zeigler

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