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 Chronicles of Daniel voice auditions
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The Chronicles of Daniel

This is a animated series consisting of 10 to 15 episodes about 15 to 20 minutes in length. This project has been in preproduction for about three months and I had started animation but I wanted to get more preproduction done before continuing. A very brief overview of the project is that there are Invading creatures from a distant part of the galaxy taking control of as much as they can this eventually includes earth. The series will take place after Earth has been invaded and will be centered around Earths survivors and the invading forces.


A general in the Earth Resistance Forces although he doesn't always like to show it he cares about his men. In the begining of the series he leads a force to rescue Brandon and his squad after being captured.
It is preferred that he has a slight Hispanic accent although this is not necessary he is confident and a true leader of his troops. He is a Male of about thirty.
Can't carry on without one of my officers

Daniel turns to a control panel

Daniel (CONT'D)
Just think of all the paper work and the hassle of promotion someone to replace you

Major Brandon, the Sybaris outpost is under attack and I have been ordered to reroute troops there immediately.

Brandon a good friend of Daniel since before the war is a Major in the Earth Resistance Force one of the more level headed of Daniels officers he is captured at the beginning of the series by a guinea pig ambush. He later comes to the aid of Kevin who is in a similar situation.

Brandon is a male roughly twenty eight a little more calm than Kevin and thinks out his actions more before acting on it. He is a good leader and trustworthy.

Is the complex secure?

Brandon and the two soldiers begin to walk along the courtyard

Yes sir, the last of the resistance was silenced six minutes ago
Good, Did any transmissions go out?

He is more quick to action than the other officers which usually ends up putting him in some kind of predicament. He is the Yin to Brandon's Yang and as such they usually end up arguing although they still are good friends.

Kevin is a male in his twenty's. He is absent minded and a little crazy he usually comes to a conclusion much quicker than most others whether or not its the right one.

Hmm then its likely they will before nightfall. Begin siphoning personnel through the tunnels they may take the base but we can strike from the mountains and retake the area.

Third and fifth squads start pulling back the east quarter is evacuated sixth squad we are reading heavy enemy movement toward your position get out of there move back to the central bunker!

The Bread and butter troops of the resistance they are the ready and willing survivors of the guinea pig attack.

For the soldiers there are no specifics in gender or age and if you are auditioning for other parts go ahead and audition for this as well

The enemy is coming up to fast for us to hold them for long

Sir! an urgent transmission from HQ

Guinea pigs:
Fierce and ferocious these combatants are war hardened fighters.

The guinea pigs have deep booming voices most of this effect is done during the mixing stage of our audio so most any male would be good for this part.


So grunt are you ready to tell us where your brethren have run off to?

Guinea pig leader
Go for the halberds defend the complex!

Im well aware of who is down there! These apes will receive no mercy for defying me no matter the cost!

For any auditions send them to
or if you need to contact me you can reach me at
Sabanknight@yahoo.com or AIM:bobdoleneedsaman

I have no exact deadline but I plan on adding in voices for the first episode mid July
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