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 Androsses Revenge/ A brawl Mechima I need actors!
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 13, 2008 6:54 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Heya all u people who's bored to death. Do you natrually(And I mean litterally) sound like ANYONE in Super Smash Bros Brawl? Well stop being bored and pm TwilitStudios or zfan122 on Youtube. Here's why!

I am working on a new Mechima called Starfox Androsses Revenge and Here's the story.

One Day Sonic, Snake, And Fox Mc. Cloud are enjoying a friendly match in Emerald hill. Just as sonic get's ready to use his new final smash. A mysterious force interrupts the match and warps the group to Final Destination. This force is of course the evil Andross (Starfox Series) who's tricked the mighty Zfan122, brawl universes guardian deity into reviving him. Now he's taken control of all the brawlers and plans on using their power to escape into the REAL world! Fox Mc. Cloud is also somehow under his control. And yet Snake and Sonic have somehow broken free of his spell. They may not like each other too well. In fact they probably want to kill the other! But they'll have to put their differences asside in order to rescue their friends. Can these two unlikely heroes team up in time to stop Androsses evil plans? I certainly hope so!

I would apriciate natrual voices to avoid making your work hard on you. But if you can make yourself sound like these characters if they were talking then that's okay too. Here's who I need from most to least important top to bottom.

Narrator, comercial and every other episode.
Andross (preferibly the Starfox Adventure voice)
Sonic The Hedgehog
Fox. Mc Cloud
ZS samus/ Samus
Princess Zelda
Misc Other Characters.

And the best part? All your lines will be incredibly easy! Not a whole freaking complicated script. But merely important lines in that episode and their usual catch phrases. Sonic's "aww man" and Link's grunts for example. So come on and audition. Have fun, work hard, and enjoy! Cool

Audittions of voices can have them saying common things or things you can expect them to say. Prefered file format is mp3.
Contact/more details
email to zfan121@yahoo.com, pm to zfan122 or TwilitStudios at youtube, pm to avatarmaniac at www.fanfiction.net, or just post the link here! (Prefered download site is mediafire) Until then see ya around.

Creating Youtube Voice Actor Team For Mechima's and Other Videos. Will be Most Likely Video Game Related
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