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 Bill Farmer and Nick Jameson, and my petition
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 02, 2009 7:51 am Reply with quote Back to top

I created this post because I don't think there's any on this forum that involves either of those two actors.

In case you're wondering why I put those two actors together, the answer is this - those two are the original voice actors for Sam and Max. That's this series that's created by Steve Purcell that spawned two games made by Lucasarts. Bill Farmer voiced Sam and Nick Jameson voiced Max in those games...

...but Lucasarts, for no reason, cancelled production of their second game "Sam and Max: Freelance Police" when it was about to be finished, and refused to sell their first game "Sam and Max Hit the Road" in the United States. It's being sold in other countries, but not here!

This happened almost five years ago, and so far Lucasarts has done nothing to support either of the two games in which Bill Farmer and Nick Jameson voiced the characters. There are Sam and Max games that are being currently being distributed in the United States by Telltale - but, trust me, the voices of both Sam and Max in those games are stilted and wooden-sounding. Even more annoying is that the people who chose those wooden voices have the nerve to bash the original voices, saying they "sound wrong". I know these people want to spend as less as possible, but there's a HUGE difference between SAVING money and MAKING money.

I became so frustrated with both Lucasarts and Telltale that I made a petition about it, and I'd appreciate it if you signed it. I want to hear Bill Farmer voice Sam again, and I want to hear Nick Jameson voice Max again.

The petition can be found here:


Please respond to this message! Very Happy
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