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 Mrs. Doubtfire
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PostPosted: Sat May 23, 2009 12:06 am Reply with quote Back to top

Remember the beginning of that movie? Well, I was browsing TV Tropes (one of my favorite websites in recent months) and found a trope called "Dan Browned" which refers to inaccuracies (in things like movies) that experts on the subject will notice i.e. Astronauts watching Armaggedon, historians watching inaccurate historical flicks. Well, I found this listed there

"The more you know about voice acting, the more the Tom And Jerry opening of Mrs. Doubtfire will make absolutely no sense to you. First off, there is very little VA industry presence within San Francisco, so one wonders what kind of livelihood Daniel Hillard would be able to make for himself (presumably, he would be stuck doing local commercials or delivering everything via phone patch, as most voice directors live in Los Angeles). Western animation is by a rule normally done voice-acting first before the animation is drawn, which would mean that the only reason Daniel would be acting/dubbing to pre-made animation is that the soundtrack was somehow unusable and had to be replaced or redone (whether the original was by Daniel or not; this is not indicated). And on top of all that, Daniel is doing the entire dubbing track in one take, which is almost an impossibility. Dub lines are normally recorded only a few at a time, and sometimes even line-by-line, so that the actor is able to focus on matching the mouth flaps on-screen with perfect timing, cued by successive beeps so that the actor knows when to start. All of this combines to make the opening of Mrs. Doubtfire such an unlikely scenario that it boggles the mind. Undoubtedly, the only reason it's done like this is to cover up the fact that they shot Robin doing his lines and then added the animation in post-production, which is why all of Robin's trademark ad-libs are included in the cartoon. One might accuse the film of generating the constant Western confusion over whether the voices or the animation come first."

I did look back on that movie some time ago and did find it odd that he was dubbing it.

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