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Cast thus far is Lissa Latte as Harley Quinn, Joker may be Scott Wentworth again but I'm yet to ask him again. I'll direct him towards this thread and see if he wants to retain the role of his albeit re-modeled Joker. I have opted for a Heath Ledger punk look, a voice change, however, is not at all necessary as far as I'm concerned.

Roles up for audition-

Michael Rafferty
Age- 28-35
Description- Humble gardener whose life comes crashing down on him as he receives a call from the Joker claiming that he has his wife and that he must do a series of tasks in order to win her back.
Voice- Normal, average, middle-aged man.

Audition Line- 'Man, you aren't listening, I'm just a gardener. I earn just enough to afford cable each month, I'm your average guy, Why me?'

Laura Rafferty
Age- 28-35
Description- Kidnapped by the joker to control her husband.
Voice- Normal, average, middle-aged woman.

Audition Line- 'Michael, I love you and whatever happens, carry on without me.'

Henchmen 1 & 2
Age- 40-50
Description- Non-descript helping hand of Joker in mask. Audition is joint but two parts will be given, one for hench 1 and 1 for hench 2.
Voice- Normal, free-reign really.

Audition Line- 'Where do you want her boss? (Turns to hostage) Shut the hell up!'

I will cast all those unsuccessful in auditions in extra roles, so whatever the outcome, you'll probably get a role of some kind if you wish.

Send any auditions to oxymoron777@googlemail.com
Wav or Ogg is a good format for me.

This is the film it is going to be the sequel to- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffU1JE4cZjc

Thanks all, hope to hear from you, check my Youtube (jacknapierr) for some tests in the next couple of days.
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