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 Need Voluntary Voice Actors For 2d Comedy Animation Series.
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 28, 2009 12:07 am Reply with quote Back to top

Project: Robs Life
WebSite: http://robslife.webs.com
My Email:robogrannie@hotmail.co.uk

Hi I am looking for voice actors to help out with a animated series.
The Plot evolves around the life of Rob and his house mates Duckie,Siegfried the fish and Fern the plant. It Is a

animated series
that is being worked on voluntary, more information in this regard is offered on my site http://robslife.webs.com

The actual humour and graphic style of the animation is similar to shows like family guy, american dad,simpsons

and dilbert except without sexually explicit/graphical violence or racist humour or coarse language.

Characters to be Auditioned for:

He's picture is still getting designed but he is basically A Misfit in the world of Geeks and Normal People, he

gave up his life

as a normal person to pursue being a geek but then forgot how to be a geek now he does'nt know what he is still

he maintains a

nice personality, although he can be somewhat vague when it comes to real life situations, and he does'nt quite

know how to deal

with his overburdening house mates, but he loves them all the same

Voice Type: {He is male as explained, in his early thirtys? No accent but is american english and has a slightly

depressed tone in

his voice like Jon from Garfield or Dilbert From the animated series Dilbert ? The pitch in his voice would be


Audition Lines:

1. {Hey Duckie Don't Do That!} - annoyed mad tone, but not overly done, so he is not aggressive in his voice but

still mroe than

2. {Well now I don't have any biscuits at all!} - slighly annoyed tone

{Fern} -
Is a Biological experiment,
He has a rough voice, but don't let that fool you he is really nice, but also he is to the point, and if he's

upset he won't

dibble dabble he'll tell you right there and then, and sometimes quite sternly. He does'nt have a accent.

Voice Type: {He is male but his also a plant so it's kind of hard to tell, his voice sounds gruff and late

thirtys? No accent but

is american english and has a real mean sort of biker voice The pitch in his voice would be medium-low?

Audition Lines:

1. {I can't say that} - embarrased
2. {You don't know anything about plants do you?} - slightly annoyed tone
3. {It's okay I doubt he'll ever forget us!} - happy, confident,reasuring but still in his typical gruff biker

like voice

{Max Whiskers}
Head of Area 51, he has a very sly personality,
He is the main Antagonist, although he is hardly mentioned or seen as he's work is all done in the background. He

is also a high

ranking member of a secret society called the order Determined to protect the world from Political Disorder.

Voice Type: {He is a male his voice is sly he's voice is very sly but not too quite, decisive but not too loud.No

accent but is

american english, sounds a bit like sly version of Jason Alexander The pitch in his voice would be medium-high

Audition Lines:

1. {Excellent , now what am I going to eat} - Delighted when he says excellent, but confused and unhappy when he

asks what he's

going to eat

3. {You do your Job Mr President and I'll Do mine} - Quite Assured, Threat in his voice.}

{Siegfried} -
A British Goldfish who was brought up in the amazon by his owner Major Kernels. He found his way to a petshop

when his master

accidently dropped him into a amazon waterfall while battling to paddle to land, Siegfried then was chased by

anacondas, pirannas

then sharks and barracudas and finally other goldfish(who disagreed with his upright attitude) until a scuba

diver picked him up

and put him in rob's local towns petstore.

Voice Type: {He is a male his voice is english posh .Very Strong British Accent maybe mixed with a bit of south

african, The pitch

in his voice is unknown to me.

Audition Lines:

1. {Do you think he'll ever forget us?} - Worry and Sarcasm at the same time.

2. {And they say our brains are small!} - Sarcastic

{Mr Ted}
A Alien from the future in the form of a teddy bear, the last remaining figment of humanity sent back to the 21

century to warn

manking of its impending doom, Unfortunatelly he forgets.

Voice Type: {He is a male his voice is dumb sounding like patrick star(from spongebob series) .No Accent, The

pitch in his voice is low.

Audition Lines:

1. {Don't forget the meatloaf!} - Shouting(not too loud) so rob can hear in the next room to teddy.

2. {My brain floats and I'm proud of it!} - Upset, but confident in his words trying to prove a point.

{Presidents Secretary}
Only in one short scene, she is in her mid-fortys and very confident personality.

Voice Type: { She is Female, American Accent. Firm Voice}

Audition Lines:

1. {It would be my honour mr president sir} -really happy but not letting her excitement show.

2. {YES?!} - Wants to know who's on the phone but she says it like she's answering a question.

{Ashley Ambers} -
Robs Personal Accountant, She has a small crush on rob but is deeply bothered by his personal attachment to his

house mates.

Voice Type: { She is Female, No Accent. Calm Voice}

Audition Lines:

1. {My Goodness he's delusional} -Suprised.

2. {I hope he does'nt get me to help him order again!} - annoyed tone.

Recording & Sending Information
{Each Recording needs to be either Mp3 or Wave and sent to robogrannie@hotmail.co.uk

(October 31st 2009 for Presidents Secretary)(November 14th 2009 for all other characters), any more information

you need I'm happy to give, I am only sorry this project is for voluntary only, but there are benefits
from helping the team like credits, an interview a web page on my website of your design and if nothing else you

would get the fine feeling of knowing that you helped the next simpsons/american
dad/family guy like show to come into existence.
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