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 Auditon for Star Wars Machinima Series
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 16, 2010 12:34 am Reply with quote Back to top

Hello, I am the co-Director of a Star Wars machinima series currently in production. At this stage, we are looking for quality voice actors to begin recording the various lines for our characters. There are around half a dozen major roles, a couple of minor characters, and almost thirty "one-liners". If anyone is interested in auditioning for any of these roles, please email me at metaguardian@yahoo.com.au

The deadline is January 31.

Below is some extra information for your perusal:

This Star Wars machinima series has been filmed using the game, Star Wars: Jedi Academy. It comprises six episodes, of which each are approximately ten to fifteen minutes in length. While careful attention has been made to ensure authenticity with the Star Wars universe and concepts, the series is by no means constrained by it. Instead, it is a completely original storyline with a strong character-focus and unique action scenes, which borrows elements from Star Wars, 24, and Band of Brothers. All six episode screenplays have been completed and finalised. The first episode has already been filmed and the last five have been filmed simultaneously, with only around a dozen scenes left to be filmed before the entire machinima series is completed.

The series is set in the years following the Yuuzhan Vong war and focuses on an imagined conflict between the rebuilding galaxy and marauding criminals, terrorists and mercenaries who are using the power vacuum to extend their own power. The narrative follows the journey of "Lorne Tararn", a Commander and lead commando in the elite "CoRSec" force, as he spearheads the galactic fightback, struggles with his own demons and latent Force potential, and is propelled to the forefront of an incredible chain of events that connect him with the leader of the dark forces and the fate of the galaxy. While Lorne is the main protagonist of the narrative, the series includes several other main characters, a host of minor characters, and a series of sub-plots to give the series a real "galactic feel" and to emphasize the wide-ranging nature and severity of the conflict.


Because of the game engine and the limitations of the character models in the game, voice acting is incredibly important in this series. The voices of the characters will lend authenticity to their actions and emotions, as well as anchor the viewer to the story.

The deadline for your voice audition lines to be returned to me is January 31, however, the sooner you return your audition pieces, the more likely you will receive the role. You are also more likely to receive the role if you record your lines clearly, with high quality microphone/recording tools. Lastly, please ensure that you export all audition lines in 44100 Hz, 24 bit, WAV format, in a zipped folder (.zip or .rar are both fine).

If you receive the part(s) you auditioned for, you will be required to record them fairly immediately. After you have recorded your lines, you may be asked to re-record a few of them (within reason of course) or to record some extra pick-up lines at a later date. If accepted for a role, you would also definitely be permitted to use audio footage from your character role(s) on a demo tape, provided you of course mention the machinima series in your credits. You would also, of course, be properly credited for your work in the series.
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