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 VA needed for Klonoa: Door to Phantomile Fan Advert [CLOSED]
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Joined: 05 Sep 2010
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 05, 2010 2:47 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Chances are, you've never heard of this critically-acclaimed PSone game, unless you've either heard of/played the Wii-make. If you're interested on helping me on this project, that would be fantastic. So here's what you need to know.

Basically, Klonoa: Door to Phantomile is a PSone game that revolves around this long-eared cat-thing named Klonoa, and his spirit guide named Huepow, and their quest to save their world from being destroyed by some gaint, evil, mask donning flying-carpet named Ghadius and his equally evil jester side-kick Joka. What Klonoa can do, is grab enemies and either throw it back at some other bad guys, or throw the guy down in mid-air so he gets a double jump sort of boost. Now that's over with, on to the project itself.

As described in the title, I want to make an ad for the original PSone game, Klonoa: Door to Phantomile. In addition, I'll be stylizing the video so it looks like it was aired during the 90's (you know, that was around the time the game was released). The characters from the game will be drawn a bit differently than they look in the actual game. I'll be drawing Klonoa, Huepow, Joka, and the cast in a more westernized, cartoonish design in this project. Just for the record, all this will be made possible by Adobe Flash, Photoshop, and Premiere, all of which are CS4.

So here's the jitz of the ad:

Klonoa and Huepow are cornered by Joka and his horde of baddies from the game (basically comprised of these red round guys named Moos). Joka taunts their predicament, and gives them one chance to say their last words. Klonoa complains that he's outnumbered and requests at least one guy to switch sides. Joka complies, and tells a guy to go to Klonoa's side. Then Klonoa pull his fist-sized ring, grabs the bad guy (Gravity gun style), throws it back at the horde and starts to basically own everyone. Much to his dismay, Joka totally forgot that Klonoa could do that. Than I'll just dabble in some game footage and with a voice over talking like they do in commercials. Cut back to the animation, Joka is stuck underneath a pile of his incapacitated lackeys with his head stinking out. Klonoa's got a moo hovering over his head, when suddenly Huepow says they should get going. Then Klonoa releases the guy, and well... It falls right on Joka's face. Then cut to the playstation logo and that's it, that's what I have in mind for this. It should be no longer than a minute and a half.

Another thing, this project is non-profit. So when you decide to send your auditions, you agree to act for me voluntarily for free. Of course, you will be credited for doing the roles I need.

Here's the roles I need:

Klonoa (Pronounced: "Clo (like flow, with a C instead of an F) Noah")

Gender: Boy
Age: Apparently 8 years old...ish
Background story: Klonoa is a little boy who lives in this windmill village of Breezegale, he has this gaint magic ring that he one day, found in the middle of some forest. It turns out that same ring contained a spirit who calles himself Huepow. Since then they became instant friends and so forth. And long story short, Klonoa's the hero of the game, same old usual.
Pitch: High
Voice Descriptionizationisms: I really don't know how to describe it any further than, make his voice be something like Chowder's (From the titular show by Cartoon Network) or Oliver's (from Oliver and Company) voice. Make him sound like a little boy.
Personality: May as well get this in. I envision Klonoa being an independent, couragous, friendly and protective kind of kid. He tends to have (for lack of the actual term, if there is one) a kid-friendly potty mouth, as in he tends to say things like freaking, crud, hunk a' bologna. He also tends to be honest, even if that's going to get him in trouble.

Audition lines:
1: "This is freaking unfair! It's just me and him against a hundred of you guys! Can't you at least have one guy switch to my side? Please?"
2: "Oh... Okay, I'm just about done here anyway."

Huepow (Pronounced: "Hugh Pow (like the sound effect)")

Gender: Male
Age: Roughly the same as Klonoa's age
Background Story: Huepow is a spirit that was contained in a ring that allowed its bearer to lift anyone into the air (sort of like the gravity gun from Half-Life 2). One day, he was discovered by Klonoa, freeing him from the ring, and became friends with Klonoa. This guy is basically Klonoa's spirit guide friend, and the source of the ring's power.
Description of how this guy sounds: I'd say give this guy a high-pitched, and slightly squeaky voice. Not so squeaky that it becomes terribly annoying to listen to.
Personality: A timid, shy, anxious, and insightful kind of spirit. Huepow tends to be critical to everyone (including himself). For that matter, he tends to be assertive. However he does treat anyone he meets in a friendly and gentle manner.

Audition Lines:
1: "Well we're corned Klonoa, this is it."
2: "Klonoa, can't you just leave him alone? We should really get going right now."

Once I got the voices for those two characters I should be good on the voices-overs for my project. Me and some other friends of mine will be dealing with the other characters in this. Then I'll need about a couple of months to complete the animation and the editing of this project. So don't expect this project to be completed until say... Late November. If any a'youse gots any questions about this, you can either post them here on this thread, or email me. If those questions aren't questions at all, and are instead criticisms about my obviously amateurish ways of posting this audition thread, do the same thing described in the last sentence.

The deadline for auditions will be on the 21th of September.

Thank you very much for your time Very Happy,

P.S. My email address is [EMAIL="smokingsumsoup@yahoo.com"]smokingsumsoup@yahoo.com[/EMAIL]. Also when sending me soundfiles, just send me what you usually send, like mp3 and such.
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Joined: 05 Sep 2010
Posts: 3
Location: Illinois

PostPosted: Tue Sep 21, 2010 9:26 am Reply with quote Back to top

Auditions are closed for this project. Thank you for your time.
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