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 [Videogame] Apocalyptic
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 06, 2006 5:22 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Hi! Thanks for checking this topic.

We are looking for several voice actors and actresses to star in a small, amatuer game project. The project is free, with no pay; all donation fees will go to hosting and graphic artist cost.

The Project

"Apocalyptic" is a dark-themed game being made in the RPG Maker XP engine. Though the engine itself is rather basic, that is advantageous to amatuer game development. The game itself is 2D, but features an exciting PDA menu system which plays back audio recordings the player may 'discover' throughout the game. Other voice acting roles will be necessary for basic dialogue, phone messages the player may encounter, and other roles.

Plot Synopsis

The great metropolis of Grand Central is an urban sprawl of unprecedented scale. Over 36 million denizens reside within its walls; it is a self-sustaining city, where most if not all goods are produced or synthesized in the city's sprawling factory complexes.

Though a glistening marvel of industrial and democratic might to an outside observer, the city is rotten to its very core. Corporate thugs grapple over control of the city's many businesses, while small-time thugs and punks war in its streets. Corruption manifests itself in every corner of Grand Central, be it the faceless megacorporation or the heartless murderer.

Despite its best efforts, the Grand Central Police Department is vastly underfunded, understaffed, and increasingly unable to deal with the ever-growing crime problems within the metropolitan area. Officers are routinely slain in the line of duty, and the commanding staff is as corrupt as any criminal.

During a hostage situation, Officer James Bryant accidentally took down a child hostage in a gun misfire. The suspect got away during the ensuing chaos after critically wounding three other officers and killing one more civilian. Disgraced, he was suspended for three months with pay and retreated into a haze of alcoholism.

Now, the first day upon his return to the force, a chaotic riot grips Grand Central following a massive explosion at an industrial facility owned by Maccam Enterprises, LTD. The assailants are growing in number and bloodthirsty; within hours, it becomes entirely clear that they're not ordinary citizens. In a furious eruption of blood plague, Grand Central has begun to tear itself to shreds in an orgy of blood and death. Surviving officers initially report that occurences of what could only be considered paranormal origin are enveloping the city; apparitions are tormenting the populace, inexplicable (and devious) mechanical malfunctions are occurring everywhere, and horrific beasts lurk in the shadows. In desperation, the USMC is called in under the command of General Briggs.

To make things worse, a mysterious paramilitary force has been wreaking further havoc within the nightmare-torn city. Dubbing themselves "OMEN", they have seized buildings within the city, including the operational headquarters of Arris Technology Conglomerates and infrastructure. Hostages are numbered in the hundreds, though the terrorists have made no demands. The police response, harassed by the continuing disintegration of Grand Central, is weak at best and pathetic at its worst.

There are indications Arris employees are being systematically excuted.

Further Information

Unfortunately, there is no official website as of yet because the game is very early in production. However, expect an update soon!

How to Apply

Please email an audition, with other relevant info and any previous voice acting experience information to tmacattack155@yahoo.com . (Scoff ye not, I've kept that email for a very long time, and it's a bit too late to change it.)

You may also contact me on AIM @ RPGXP, MSN Messenger @ tmacattack155@yahoo.com , and YIM @ tmacattack155.

Audition Lines

Apocalyptic will have a very wide variety of roles. Thereby, most voice actors will have a part in this production! Audition for whichever parts you would like to.

OMEN Soldier: OMEN troops are the next generation of experimental warfare soldiers, being controlled from afar by a psychic commander. Originally volunteers, the OMEN troops quickly were neutralized in personality and individuality, as well as remorse and most emotions. This was accomplished through a regimen of both rigorous training, cybernetic implants in the brain, and gene modification. They speak as any human would, although focused and rather unnerving in their blankness.

"Bravo six, this is Bravo five. We've neutralized the opposition and are closing back on your location. Expect rendezvous in t-minus eight minutes."

"Alpha delta tango, advance on the target!"

"Sir. All police forces in the area have been neutralized. Skirmishing with survivors should be anticipated."

Grand Central Police Department Officers: Standard police officers loaded out with specialized equipment.

"All right, buddy, come out with your hands up!"

"Down on the ground and spread 'em!"

"Jesus, what is that!?!"

"Officer down! Repeat, officer down!"

"Ah, f**k. It's a real mess down here. We've got loads of civilian casualties. We're going to need backup and immediate medevacs."

United States Marines: Rather self-explanatory. Standard soldiers. Apocalyptic will also require a voice actor for Briggs, the USMC commander.

"Lock and load, baby!"

"Squad one, advance on his position!"

"This is fire team one, reporting in! We're taking heavy casualties and being advanced on from all sides! We need immediate- oh, Jesus Chri- Aah... Aaaah! *death scream*"

Civilians (both male and female):

"I don't know what happened... we were just walking down the streets, and those things attacked... We're lucky to be alive."

"Skullyz" Gang Member: Satanic street gang hopped up on narcotics and thoroughly enjoying the sick destruction of the city. Voices should be gleeful and dark.

"Spirits guide me! Drive us to our destiny."

"Slaughter them, shred them, kill them all! Narash slan chranka! Muwahaha!"

"Today is the rise of our new nation; one of fear, of blood. PAIN! We shall rise, brothers... and we shall triumph."

Bryant: Main player character. Gruff voice- will conduct most narration in the game.

"I got the call around two in the morning. A bit needless to say, I was extremely pissed at the motherfucking desk sergeant interrupting my beauty sleep."

Jen Simmons: Female ArrisTech researcher caught up in the catastrophe. Use your imagination on this one.

"Oh, Jesus. You scared me. *pause* My name's Jen. I'm an electronics engineer here. I just ran in here when the shooting started... who are you?"

Thank you for your interest. It's greatly appreciated, even if you don't audition.
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