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 Horror/Thriller voice needed
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:27 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Manhunt promo video

I am producing a 90 second promo for a church in Oak Ridge, TN. The biggest youth event each year is an activity called Manhunt. It's basically team hide-and-go-seek in the dark. They have lots of teens come out for it, and we'd like to do a video promoting it for the church's website and for distribution to potential attendees. Our company is doing all of the work pro-bono, and I'm asking you to do the same. The church's website is www.orbc4u.org, and my company is Braintrust Digital (www.braintrustdigital.com).

I am in need of an actor, preferably male, but not necessarily, to simply say the title "Manhunt." The promo description is attached, so you can get a feel for the look that we're trying to portray. The very end of the promo will display the event logo, and we want the word "Manhunt" to be said. Very simple, and I'd just like to get it as scary as possible.

Since there is no compensation available, I will credit you and link to your website if so desired in the blog post that we create. They will be on my company's web site, and our Blogspot blog at braintrustdigital.blogspot.com.

Recording & Sending Information
A high quality, uncompressed format is desired. WAV or AIFF are both great.
For auditions, you can contact me over Google Talk (pschmutzler) or Skype (paul.schmutzler). If you need a different method of contact, please message me here.

We're hoping to shoot this project within a month, and the post-production schedule is flexible. I'd like to make a decision by November 30.

The feel of the video will be disorienting, grungy, spastic, and dirty. The intensity of chasing and being chased in the dark is what we want to emphasize. Well either focus on an individual being chased by a group, or a small group being pursued. Hopefully we can shoot in the rain or shortly after a rain so we can get our characters muddy and miserable. Well shoot in color, but plan to add some crazy color effects in post along with lots of overlaid graphics and effects to give us our grunginess. SFX will be used as most of the soundtrack. Heart beating, heavy breathing, forest sounds, ambient creepiness, etc.

One very vulnerable looking teenager stumbles through the woods. He/she is dirty and tired. We can see the steam flowing from his mouth as he pants to catch his breath. He is trying to be discrete moving from tree to tree, but it is obvious his strength is failing as he blindly crashes through brush, leaves, and branches. Camera is handheld with lots of motion. Character keeps looking over his shoulder to see if hes being followed. We start to occasionally see shadowy figures moving between trees. The character tries to quicken his pace. He approaches the edge of the woods and rushes into the clearing, an open field. He reaches the middle of the field and looks around not knowing which direction to go. He sees his pursuers from behind closing in and prepares to keep running in his original direction of travel. As he does, he sees more pursuers in that direction. The other two directions reveal the same predicament. A look of resignation comes to his face and he falls to his knees defeated. A high angle shot shows the pursuers forming a circle around him in the field. They simultaneously close in, smothering him like ants covering a sweet morsel. The manhunt logo comes on screen with eerie SFX and a horror-movie voice speaking the event title. TRT is approximately 90 seconds.
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