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Daniel Cardenas

PostPosted: Sat Jul 31, 2010 2:00 pm Reply with quote Back to top

My name is Daniel ! I shall be the best pokemon master ever! (believe it!) Embarassed
well to put things short I love to sing been doing it ever since I was 4 or less.
(all I have to do now is get "wam-ed up")

as far as being a VA I can do a plethora of voices (depending if I have to see the original version of what I'm doing ,then I'll kick butt!)

who introduced me to Voice chasers?
Vic Mignogna..(if I spelled his name right Sad )

how long can I go doing a voice over?
hours on end if I must,but if I have to put singing and voice acting then I might be drained "might".

back to the bio:
I live in Fillmore California (not in Hollywood)small town may not be the best but it's got some shine to it.

I'm currently focused on graduating before I go into the industry because you don't know if you will be hired again! Idea

why I didn't take huge risks to go into the VA industry early?
another answer:now divorced parents
third answer:I had to make myself stronger without my parents help being in that current time and what was going on.
fourth answer:I had to find out life questions that everyone has.
fith answer:I went back to high-school from independent studies so I could see if my friends and etc changed.
sixth answer:I was wrong they didn't change so I'm in HS and my future is in my own hands.
seventh answer:the future? Voice Acting! Very Happy

in all I want to become a Voice actor. mucho amore from the tiny town.

Joined: 22 Dec 2005
Posts: 283

PostPosted: Sat Jul 31, 2010 7:38 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Hey! Welcome aboard, great to have another fan! Are you specifically pursuing anime? I wasn't sure if you were pursuing cartoons.

If you really wanna be a voice actor, take some acting and voice over/acting classes. But when it comes to the latter, try not to act like a fanboy. Wink Otherwise, it won't get you very far and you won't be taken seriously.

Me: Because I'm a VoiceChaser.
Friends: A VOICECHASER!!! Very Happy

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Daniel Cardenas

PostPosted: Sat Jul 31, 2010 11:54 pm Reply with quote Back to top

thank you Crystal,
About the "fan line", I didn't mean it that way, I want to voice in many art forms. (as much as possible)

I can take acting classes but as I posted before, I just have to warm up before doing a few sessions.

With me acting reflects strongly in a good way, personally and as actors we do take it seriously.

Also I want to add that I have a feminine voice (so I've been told many times).
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