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 Lovely Bones Sims 2 remake
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 02, 2010 9:51 pm Reply with quote Back to top

**All of these lines are open**

I'm makeing a new sims 2 video called "Lovely Bones" It's a remake of a movie made last year. It's MUCH shorter than the real movie (it'll only be 12-16 minutes long) so all the lines are short. It's about a boy (Joe) who gets killed and watches over his family in heaven. I need voice overs for the characters. Here are the roles that are open. If your interested, send your auition as a wav.file to joeisawesome4life@yahoo.com
So audition and join the fun Smile if you have any questions just ask or email me Smile

Bio: Joe's killer
Audition Line 1: "You shouldn't be out here alone."
Audition Line 2: "Hey You're the Salmon Boy aren't you?"

Bio: Joe's Mom
Audition Line 1: (yelling) "Build a tomb in the middle of your house!"
Audition Line 2: "Can't you just leave it alone!"

Bio: Joe's Dad
Audition Line 1: "Joe would never go off with a stranger! It had to be someone he knew!"
Audition Line 2: "There's definitely something wrong with this man!"

Bio: Joe's teenage sister
Audition line 1: "Dad, he's dead isn't he?"
Audition line 2: "Why won't you listen to him!"

Trisha(teenage female)
Bio: Joe's crush
Audition Line 1: "Your beautiful, Joe Winko."
Audition Line 2: "He's gone"

Brandy(teenage female)
Bio: Joe's friend
Audition Line 1: "What if he isn't... what if he's still here."
Audition Line 2: "That man is after you!"

Teacher(adult female)
Bio: Joe's teacher
Audition Line 1: "Joe, Will you come here please."
Audition Line 2: "I called your parents"

here's the link to the audution add video.

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