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 DiariesResurrect Voice Acting Call
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 22, 2010 2:11 am Reply with quote Back to top

Submission Dates:

October 20th - October 31st 2010

Project Description:
Diaries Resurrect is an apocalyptic zombie world wherein there is no such thing as a safe haven. The general areas are broken down into safe, deadly and restricted zones. Civilians who are immune to the virus have been forced into a nomadic state of constant travel. The diaries that were left behind by 4 incredible survivors (Bill, Zoey, Louis and Francis) sustain way points, exits and entrances in many of the zones which have become helpful to the common civilian. The diaries are also containing daily stresses and hopes of the survivors among medical information and strategical planning. These survivors have been dubbed heroes due to the importance and quality in survival they have provided to the people.

CEDA has just launched a recon team to search and retrieve the 4 heroes for a confidential briefing - Sasha, Emma, Max and Vinny are to search all zones in order to find them. With constant issues of broken com links, ammo shortage and zombie praising cannibles among zombies and special infected zombies it is an action packed feature. After uncovering a deadly truth to the infection, it is up to the team to share this vital news with the 4 heroes rather than capture them as it were originally planned.

Reference Material for Animation:

Diaries Resurrect Channel:

Brief Description:
Based on 4 soldiers in an apocalyptic world who face off with Zombies and Special Infected Zombies of the L4D 1 & 2 series. These soldiers belong to a special recon force in the CEDA military that seek immune survivors and collect highly important data in restricted zones.

Target Aim:


Voice Actors & Voice Actresses

Submit all voice recordings in a WAV or MP3 format with tracks titled by your name and character name. Example: Nathaniel_Vinny_1.
You may tryout for more than 1 role and I encourage you to invite your friends and to have fun.
Forward each track to the appropriate email address for evaluation: DiariesResurrect@live.com

Main Characters

1. Name: Nick (L4D 2 Official Character)
o Description: Tall, Cacausian male, Southern.
o Role: Official L4D2 character
o Audition Line: "This is Nick and I'm wearin' a $200 suit"

2. Name: Lt. Kyle Pearson
o Description: Texan, 50 years old, Stern, CEDA commander
o Role: Radio/ Comlink officer
o Audition Line: "This is Lt. Kyle Pearson requesting all personnell to report for duty"
o Character: Commander and Chief Lt. Kyle Pearson was born and raised in Texas. He knew Bill very well during Nam. Usually commands several special units via Broken Com links from a highly protected CEDA facility. He has special orders to find and rescue Zoey (l4d character).

3. Name: Max Clayborne
o Description: Mid 30's, African-American, Grunt/Deep Voiced, Special Brute forces
o Role: Main Character
o Audition Line: "This is Max Clayborne of the Special Brute forces reporting for duty"
o Character: A grunt voiced special forces recruited from a flanked army unit. He was the only standing soldier with plenty of ammo to spare. He is Sasha Summers back up and always reminds her of the rules to survival when ever he saves her from near death situations.

4. Name: Emma Weaver
o Description: Mid 20's, Shy, Intellectual, Soft spoken, Medical and Chemical Specialist
o Role: Main Character
o Audition Line: "Emma Weaver of the Medical Unit and CEDA Chemical engineering lab reporting for duty"
o Character: A Brooklyn born Special Medical Expert. Before the infection began her last patient was a man named Francis (l4d character). She bandages his recent bar wounds while remembering him mentioning he hates hospitals among many other things...she found this an attractive quality and thus picked up on it herself. She also knows that Sasha has a soft spot for Francis and considers her as well as Zoey (l4d character) competiion.

5. Name: Vinny Regan
o Description: Mid 30's, Timid, New York Accent, Intelligent, Stuttering, Engineer Specialist
o Role: Main character
o Audition Line: "This is Vinny Regan of CEDA's Engineering Specialist Unit reporting for duty"
o Character: A technical and mechanical expert programmer and hacker. He was picked up after found hiding in an IT department, a few floors down from where Louis (l4d character) worked. Enjoys computers, hacking, and helping the team enter high security buildings. Usually has a timid, fast paced speech pattern.

6. Name: CEDA Soldiers
o Ranging from 20's - 30's, all ethnicities
o Role: Side Characters
o Audition Line: "Roger Millhaven, returning to base with Tango Mikes"

7. Name: Sasha (Closed audition)
o Description: Mid 20s, Reckon Supervisor
o Role: Star Charactero Audition Line: N/A
o Character: Sasha is a former UK weapons specialist trapped in this apocalyptic warfare. She is apart of a special unit CEDA crew that war in the inner and outer cities against infected. Hoping to not only find a cure, but also any stranded survivors as they move along. She also carries along the diaries and tends to paraphrase her favorite lines from the survivors.

Side Characters

1. Name: Jeff
o Description: civilian gaurd, mid 40s, tired, brazilian accent
o Audition Line: "This is Jeff, Attica Regions front gate guard on patrol 7"

2. Name: Foyer
o Description: CEDA Driver
o A/L: "This is Foyer, I will be escorting you and your team during this mission"

3. Name: Kelsea
o Description: BloodHarvest Closet Surv.
o A/L: "This is Kelsea, I cant talk right now but please leave a message"

4. Name: Bret Weaver
o Description: Emma weavers brother, 15 yrs old
o A/L: "This is Bret, living in one of CEDAs residential camps"

5. Name: Jill Weaver
o Description: Emma weavers sister, 8 yrs old
o A/L: "This is Jill Weaver, living in CEDAs Residential Camp"

6. Name: Asher
o Description: street zombie leader, tall, skinny, gruntled voice, scratchy, mid 30s
o A/L: "This is Asher, welcome to dinner scum"

7. Name: Vicky Love
o Description: 2nd in command, sneaky, cruel, sarcastic, Split personality disorder
o A/L: "Vicky Love here, Ive been waiting for such a meal"

8. Name: Eddie
o Description: henchmen, Boston accent
o A/L: "Eddie the big fist road runner"

9. Name: Mikey
o Description: henchmen, Australian accent
o A/L: "This is bloody stupid, Mikey the last face you will see!"

Thank you once again and please forward your interests in any of the above areas to the email contact availble,

Lead Developer
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