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 "The Adventures of The World's Muggiest" Stop Moti
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 16, 2011 7:27 pm Reply with quote Back to top

I'm starting a stop-motion series using Marvel Mighty Muggs. The story is going to be the daily life the mighty muggs I own with some episodes more serious and some more comedic. Slowly more muggs are going to be introduced into the series including evil Mighty Muggs such as Red Skull, Dr. Doom, Venom, and some good muggs too like Spider-Man, Thor, The Human Torch and many more. At the moment I'm only holding auditions for muggs currently in my collection which includes Ironman, War Machine, Wolverine, Punisher, Jigsaw, Thing and Thanos. Again this story is going to be serious, and yet comedic as well. I'm going to try and get a good blend of both. So that it just doesn't seem ridiculous also the first season is going to consist of at least five (5) episodes.

Send lines in mp3 format to ImmortalHero@aol.com

EX: username_character_line number.mp3


Line 1: "Bub, that's a bad move".
Line 2: "I go, where I wanna go".

His voice is kind of grumpy, a little coarse, middle aged? Of course this is only my thought, feel free to play around with it a bit.

Mini Bio: Wolverine is a loner. He broods a lot and though he'd never tell anyone constantly wonder why he is why he is alive. For the most part he likes to just be left alone. Though there are a few muggs he is secretly fond of whose company he doesn't usually mind. He constantly struggles against himself part of him wanting to be left alone, while the other yerns for love. And for the most part he's pretty apathetic about anything if he doesn't pertain to him.


Line 1: "This isn't your neighborhood friend".
Line 2: "This time Wolverine, this time".

His voice is low, very stern/serious, up tight, middle aged.

Mini Bio: The Punisher ss obsessed with his gun. He hangs out in the bedroomís slums. Heís a very serious mugg who constantly talks of death and murderers. He canít seem to grasp that his gun is fake. He believes his gun his made of an idea and thus cannot be destroyed. He is very serious about the "law" of the bedroom. And he doesn't like seeing other muggs in his slums. He doesn't really care for any of the other mugg. And his talk of murderers and death really come out when he talks especially when he conforts or confronted by a villian.


Line 1: "I'M going to look for some barbies or a case of Colombian hard liqour. You're going-".
Line 2: "Roddie you're going to have to trust me on this one".

His voice is lively, very up beat, carefree, playful. Not too young, but not overly old. Some where in the middle, again maybe middle aged, but he could have a teenage voice too. Sense his voice will be distorted due to his mask this could be a character even a female voice actor could pull off, actually I almost prefer the thought of that. (Your audition doesn't have to be distorted if you don't want to, but it's bonus points).

Mini Bio: Iron Man A.K.A. Anthony (Tony) Stark is the only mugg who really understands technology he's very carefree and uncaring seeming. He's very much a partier, and a self proclaimed "ladies mugg". And he has an obsession with alcohol, despite not being able to drink it due to being a toy made of 100% awesome A.K.A. recycled plastic. Therefore he's in self denial and will still try to get his stubby hands on some. His best friends are Spider-Man and Roddie A.K.A. War Machine. Though he seems to not have a care in the world, he secretly cares a lot about protecting the other hero muggs.


Line 1: "Wait, I'm just expected to work while you just go wandering around? OH hell no!"
Line2: "Tony this is classic denial".

His voice is really for you to decide, it's pretty much an average middle aged black man, but he could sound like a teenager too. So feel free to experiment a little, I'd say if you need a good reference, go by either Roddie of the Iron Man movie or 90s TV show.

Mini Bio: War Machine A.K.A. Roddie is best friends with Tony Stark A.K.A. Iron Man. While War Machine may not be as smart as Iron Man when it comes to technology he does have a good understanding of humans and their world. In fact he's the go to mugg on the subject, his main duty is to gather information. But in times of need he's pretty intimidating especially to The Punisher who thinks muggs' guns are real. War Machine, can be a little gullible and does sometimes wonder if his cannons do actually work, and if there's some truth to The Punisher's thinking.


Line 1: "Ah so there is some level of good literature here".
Line 2: "I don't know or care puny mugg now leave me".

I'm not going to lie Thanos' voice isn't going to be an easy feat for starters it has to be booming, commanding, and powerful. It must show why some muggs would believe him to be the strongest. Feel free to add some weird effects to the voice to make it sound other worldly.

Mini Bio: Holds himself as the most powerful mugg in all the bedroom and enjoys fine literature. His only true enemy is Galatus and The Silver Surfer. He believes himself so powerful that he doesn't even bother with trying to destroy any other muggs, not that any of the muggs would try to fight him (except maybe Punisher).


Line 1: Give up Frank! I have the high ground!

Jigsaw isn't easy to play, but I don't want anyone to be discouraged. He need's a middle aged sound voice, and it has to be intimidating, rough, calm. I'm mainly looking for just something intimidating mainly, and calm.

Mini Bio: His sole purpose is to destroy The Punisher little else matters to him. Like The Punisher he believes his gun to be real.


Line 1: Ugh, what's this bubble gum crap?
Line 2: Don't get the octopus upset.

Thing is pretty open to experimentation with his voice. I'd like something angry, but if you feel that you have a weird or funny voice that'd work for him by all means go for it. If I had to say what I wanted I'd say something angry, gruff, full grown adult.

His best friend is The Human Torch and oddly enough Ghost Rider. He doesnít get along well with The Hulk and he doesnít like to be around Spider-Man. He has deep love for oranges to the point where he dreams about them. He often refers to oranges as his brothers and sisters.

There currently is no deadline for these lines. The more auditions I get the sooner there will be a deadline and a finished project. Be aware this isn't a one episode thing, it's going to be series to please be prepared. Most likely the first season will possibly be ten episodes max.

P.s. I'm posting all blogs and such about the project here: http://zachito.deviantart.com/
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 17, 2011 5:33 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Have you posted this on the Voice Acting Alliance or Voice Acting Club?

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