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 [Videogame] The Moonlight Path
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Joined: 01 May 2005
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Location: Helsinki, Finland

PostPosted: Sun May 01, 2005 6:51 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Hello and well met!

We are looking for several voice actors/actresses to star in a big Neverwinter Nights module. Interested? Read on!

A little about the project:
We are a bunch of guys from around europe and we are making an expansion module for NWN (= Neverwinter Nights, more info at BioWare.com). We hope to get various styles, dialects and aspects to be spoken by NPCs. We seek young, old, burly, gnarled, crispy, strong, evil, god-like, sweet, cute voices.... you name it. Everything is possible!

Unfortunately we cannot offer anything else but our gratitude and the name of the actor/actress in the credits. It is also possible to have yourself to be included in the game as an NPC (Non-Player Character). Imagine yourself playing a part in the fascinating adventure, that takes place in the vast world of Faerūn, during the Player's adventure! Glorious is it not? Also actual voice-sets, for Players to choose from, would be most welcome. They would perfect several moods and aspects of our journey through the North Lands.

If you feel that you aren't adequate enough to speak, but you think you can scream like hell and gasp in pain, we need you. If you would like to have your very own deathscreams to be added, please fill the form. Keep in mind that this is not a cartoon-ish/anime-like game. We plan to keep the general mood serious. There is humor in the module for sure, but it is mainly sarcastic and... weird. (Think Fallout and Baldur's Gate)

We don't conscider this module just as your normal, hack-and-slash dungeoncrawl-kinda module. We think this as a whole new game, because of the sheer amount of playability and complexity involved.

Further info:
Further information of the NWN custom-module "The Moonlight Path" can be attained from both the official forum (>> Recruitment) and the official website (under construction). If you know how to use IRC, please come and visit us at #NWN.Project (click to connect) at the QuakeNet IRC server. If you are not adept in the ways if IRCing, use the Java-IRC on our site. One click and you will be chatting with us in real time! Amazing, is it not?

How to apply:
If you are still interested (and who would not be?), go to this adress and fill out the form. We will be in contact with all entrants as soon as possible.
Note: If you are unable to upload your compressed archive, you can also send it to me as an email attachement. Just be sure to fill out the form before (type "Sending vie email" to the comment box, so I can keep track of people). If you cannot send big attachements, use YouSendIt.com.
Naming rules: Please use the following rule when you name your samples: "Your_Name-Character.mp3". This will ensure that there will be no confusion when several of you have applied.
If you compress your samples, please name them as "TMP-VA_Your_Name.rar/.zip". Thanks.

Sample lines:

Note: I will not give you many instructions, as I want you to use your imagination when recording these lines. You do not have to record them all, only those that you feel will fit you best. Thanks for your trouble.

Good elven traveler: "Well met friend. I hope you are not lost, for these woods harbour some vile creatures you would not want to face alone."

Neutral Fighter: "I am not siding either with the Gods nor anything else, I have endeavours of my own."

Evil Sorceror: "And what do you know of the true powers? You cannot evin begin to imagine what this item holds within! You are an ignorant fool and your curiousity will be the death of you!"

Good Triumphant Warlord: "Aaahaha! This is my hour! Do you not recognize death when you see it?! Prepare to die!"

Anxious Harlot/Playboy: "OH! But my LOVE?!?!"

Human merchant: "Have a look at my wares. I have the cheapest prices in all the North, to be sure.

Elven Merchant: "A most fine of a day to you, sir/madam (opposite *). I would be most pleased if you would have a look at my goods. My trade-goods are the finest in this part of town, I assure you. Please, take a further look!"

Libarian: "Hmmmn. Well hello. If you are in search for books and tomes, you have arrived to the right place. When you find something that piques your interest, come back and speak to me again."

Format and Comression:
All samples should be in the MP3 format and preferably compressed into an single archive (ZIP/RAR). Use the "URL to demo #2" if you have other samples you want us to hear.

There is no immediate deadline. But, be quick about applying anyway, because the roles are cast as soon as a fitting actor can be found. You wouldn't like to miss the action, right?

Some screenshots can be found here.

If you have anything you'd like to ask us, please feel free to email me at Samuli@Imperanon.com or come to our IRC channel.

The Moonlight Path Crew

**Edited a million times**

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Joined: 12 May 2006
Posts: 3
Location: California.. land of heat

PostPosted: Fri May 12, 2006 1:46 am Reply with quote Back to top

I love NWN, I own Plantnum version
by the way, my browser (internet explorer) cannot find the site for sending information, so I post my email here
I am a girl, so if you need a girl's voice I can do it, I can do many voice types.

I have previous experience with voice acting.
voice limits: high to low
regular voice: medium
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