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 Steven J. Park {Jurassic Park FANDUB} NOW CASTING
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[FANDUB] Cool Jurassic Park NOW CASTING
Contains Mature Themes + Plots, Violent Pixels, Scary Animatronics and sounds, Fake Blood + Gore

Video will be taken from Jurassic Park - Segments might also include: UNIVERSAL SOLDIER, PREDATOR, FIRST BLOOD; Sound RE-MADE by US. All the sound, every footstep and sound fx I will re-mix and along with the excellent voice acting this might be quite a treat Smile

This will be one of many fandubs treated by myself, and YOU, the cast! Last project treated was MTR(http://voiceactingalliance.com/board/showthread.php?p=136231#post136231), wonderful time working on it many thanks to Cheska, Ollie, Danielle McRae, William Law, Menchi, jjvosk, Manaff, V, LeShawn Gatson, Steve Anderson, Timo, and many many others thanks a lot :hug
Leon the Pedofile (Leon The Pro),
Pussi Hanta (M.I.: 2),
Amsterdamned Chpt 1(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufbewEIYJfA&session=EEKqoi7BxPY36FbBtTXvmd4DSY2iMc1e1eqZ2RPKdUaS183Sb1oRXy6zzoPhvMMIbiR0-OSPQbiAxGibCKIbAvFk0fxHp-Wi5bSjRskulGH-vvOuDqIZlm60An6-xuTYaytNpCqF8JiTSAVLJ2HJb_Ki2fVKdqj5ozMwJaKCbGINPmQhwAe1fXGTzgnis7QVWTbmKxBNaydxj6S99jDXzZlx2xmbCHBLBWNXmmQ61NBx9kSWJgOJkRjEe-NbQp3ukPYXcEZ6Wof9liCLyEer3OF2vkw5isN2yFstfDVKZAaehwPOSfShJLqLcW2DF0CJYEK0nFvBouBVHUeVdNlZfVaEsz1v84Ny)
Secret Windows (Secret Window),
Balls/Off (Face/Off),
Malcolm Tyrant Rex (Metal Gear Solid)(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hr0Adqla37o)

Description Surprised
Spoof,Fandub,Video Karaoke,Satire,*,Drugs,Rock 'n Roll

Update: Draft Pool =+/
Part 1 Intro Sequence with Van Damme & Dolph Twisted Evil (no voices yet...)

Part 2 sequence (no voices yet Sad)

Part 3 Andre is served!

Characters and lines ;D

Name: Dolph Lungren NOW CASTING
Description: Dolph is tripping in the village and has just bought himself two hookers. His voice is loud he's a big guy but no high pitched voices please! This is a big guy.
Audition Line #1;
You f***' asshole! Wanna steal ma women? They gave me the necklace as sign of honorship!
Audition Line #2;
Hoes call me Great White Man
Audition Line #3;
They honored me!!!

Name: Van Damme NOW CASTING
Description: Van Damme is running from the hunter Predator, and finds Dolph in the village. Damme tries to steal Dolph's women... Damme's voice is straight-forward if you've seen his movies, can watch the intro clip for ur reference.
Audition Line #1;
Where are the hoes? Look at me!!
Audition Line #2;
Look at me! Shut the f*** up! Close your eyes!
Audition Line #3;
Dolph... My dick is up... I just wanna take these women home. C'mon, hoes, les roll to ma place.

Name: Leon Desuque NOW CASTING
Description: Old man, who as a young man immigrated to the U.S. illegally, accumilated funds and bought an island near Mexico. This man is old.
Audition Line #1;
Don't tell them! They will see it. Don't worry, with Mr. Walker security is top top *gestures*,... and Andre is very safe also...
Audition Line #2;
Men are heavily armed, ..., nothin' ever goes wrong. He carve up and down and it's done.

Name: Tiffany Page Played by Melissa D. Johnson
Description: Young/Mid-aged woman who does not smoke, has no flem in throat and sounds very pleasant and nice. Well-mannered, though at times swearing comes out as an unexpected stun to the enemy.
Auditions Closed.

Name: Roger Bonapetit NOW CASTING
Description: Mid-aged Man who is eternally digging sand to find something he once lost - his marbles.
Audition Line #1;
Tell me, how can poo be nutritious?
Audition Line #2;
How many assistants does the Chef have?
Audition Line #3;
Got a light?

Name: Seth Brundle NOW CASTING
Description: Mid-aged Man who has invented a way to travel space and time with his ultra-cool designer phone booths. Seth sounds cheerful and intellectual.
Audition Line #1;
It's not that I'm trying to appear cool, but this jacket also protects me from various acidic liquids like lime juice.
Audition Line #2;
Do you think I use enough gel, doc? Sometimes feels like there's nothin' up there...

Name: Snitch Ratlin NOW CASTING
Description: A sneaky backstabbin loan shark and well-known real-estate agent. This man is ruthless, and when he takes a crap people run. His voice is very mafioso-type.
Audition Line #1;
Da boss sent me up here for some repairs. I heard some heads got bitten off and I'm very environmental friendly.
Audition Line #2;
Remember this. Never push a made man. I'm a made man, and you're gonna be a dead man bang! Just kidding man!

Name: Snoop Dogg NOW CASTING
Description: Mid-aged Black Man who is a computer expert and really good at giving computer advice, he has escaped his tundra tribe in search for peace in the jungle.
Audition Line #1;
Without the fat dude I can't access this computer. He's put up a password software that cannot be cracked by any keygen or crack site on earth! He must've known...
Audition Line #2;
The system is malfunctioning. Phones are trippin'. Screw that shit I'ma light up this J right here and celebrate J Park opening!

Name: Manny Stilah NOW CASTING
Description: Mid-aged Fat Dude who is expert at ICQ applications and internal mp3 playback software systems, he secretly makes a deal with Pepsi.
Audition Line #1;
Hey man I like both Coke and Pepsi but Pepsi pays me to drink, it's the right choice for me. Economics School did its job.
Audition Line #2;
Snickers Stock Options have gone sky high! Holy shit ICQ is stuck, Counter-Strike 1.3 lagging! Upgrade the comps, man!
Audition Line #3;
YO! Bring the weed here!
Audition Line #4;
Mad hash! Mary-jane! We have shitloads of weed!
Audition Line #5;
This is Mexico, everyone smokes! | They're all deaf

Name: Dogson NOW CASTING
Description: Dogson is working for the Pepsi Corporation, he only has 1 scene. Acts shady, sounds shady and paranoid, serious.
Audition Line #1;
This bag contains 100 grams of Santa Maria. Pepsi will supply you with more, they have produced new stash cans. Pepsi's instructions are to steal the shit from the lab.
Audition Line #2;
Don't forget to place the samples inside and meet me at the boat.

Name: Mister Walker NOW CASTING
Description: Elder Kitchen Safety expert who is also expert on serious faces and serious discussions about the philosophical bullshit that smells around Mister Walker.
Audition Line #1;
They ingest the humans. The dogs eat their poo, it can't be all that bad.
Audition Line #2;
Even though the wires are hot, they still hit 'em up systematically.
Audition Line #3;
(Excited) Dinner bell.

Name: Chef Andre NOW CASTING
Description: Mid-aged Dre is a head chef at J. Park and his first meal for the guests turns out to be his last.
Audition Line #1;
(Yelling) Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuurn!!!
Audition Line #2;
(yelling) The guests want them well done!
Audition Line #3;
(yelling) Grill 'em vegetables!


Mid-aged Man DEEP VOICE the 'Are You Ready' dude that does voice for all the trailers "double the excitement! Two heroes must fight it out!")
Audition lines:
Line 1: Since the creation of man, there were bones, and there were brushes. Man has brushed sand for thousand of years. One man
has found a way to create big white balls... uhm... eggs... the genius of it all lying in the core of a aids-infected mosquito
named Brundle-Fly.
Line 2: Watch how Steven J. Spiellenburg re-creates the magic that lies in Michael Crichton's mind,
and how a Palm Beach man views a Tarkovsy dino-infested park.

EXTRA's (loads of parts here if you can't decide which main to pick perhaps you can have a little fun stepping in for the people at the back Shocked )

Deadline Shocked
2-3 weeks [COLOR="Lime"]Deadline Extension: Parts will fill upon satisfactory audition.[/COLOR]

E-mail/Deadline Rolling Eyes
interbiohazard[ahhht]hotmail[dohhht]com FORMAT: MP3, WAV, WMA (High Quality Noise Reduction)

P.S. Suggestions and critique always accepted. If you have the time the effort will show in the result. Good luck all! Razz

Don't be shy! Let the world hear your talent Wink Send in your auds!

Universal Soldier, Jurassic Park, Predator, First Blood, Commando, and other video segments are copyrighted by their respective owners, the sounds heard in the final dub will be original (VO's, SFX)[img][/img]
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