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 reintroducing myself
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Rod Darth Vox Barnes

Joined: 17 Jun 2008
Posts: 8
Location: Staten Island, NY

PostPosted: Sat Sep 20, 2008 4:25 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Allow me to reintroduce myself- last time I was the harbinger of Bad News, now I get to do this all over again without the bad news:

I am listed as Rod "Darth Vox" Barnes but you can just call me Rod.

I am an aspiring Voice Artist and have been for 10 years. And while I have not attained the status of my idols (Don La Fontaine, James Earl Jones, Ted Cassidy, Mel Blanc), I am still working hard on it- I have at least been able to do my own voiceovers for my own theater shows and for a few films here and there. I've only recently discovered that I can perfectly duplicate Mr La Fontaine's voice (yes, just like Pablo Francisco, if not better) as well as those of Peter Cullen (Transformers, Voltron, etc) and yes, to an extent, Hulk Hogan. I have also worked on developing voices for Anime as well as the usual commercials. While I do have representation with Friedman West, I am always looking for opportunities to use my vocal talents where they may be needed.

Well, that about takes care of that... Hope I can be of some use to someone in the voiceover field...

Oh by the by- did I mention that I have an near-encyclopedic knowledge of Voice overs and Cartoons?

Rod (Darth Vox) Barnes
triple hyphen entertainer
aspiring Voice Over Artist
self described would-be disciple of LaFontaine, Blanc, Tufeld, Jones, Cassidy and Welker
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