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 Stop Motion Short - Voice Talent
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PostPosted: Tue May 12, 2009 5:06 am Reply with quote Back to top

Project information –

Take a reality-defying leap into the world of Jack and Julia Lumber. See between the frames of existence into an inexplicable world, full of postcard beauty and plastic smiles from beyond the universe next door.
This is a short, stop motion film about one man’s battle with his own notions of reality and a loving wife’s hardship as she struggles to deal with an increasingly distracted husband.

The story builds to a dramatic climax as Jack’s grasp on reality finally slips away from him.

Unfortunatly there is no budget for this short film but it will hopefully be a great piece to showcase your vocal prowess on your individual showreels. I will give full credit to all succesfull applicants and particulaly good voice actors will stay on my radar for future projects.

Audition deadline –

The deadline for applications is:

Friday 29th May 2009

Recording and Contact information -

To apply please email makingmovements@hotmail.com with the title ‘online audition’ The auditions should be in the following format

-Record in [example format: 44100hz 16-bit Stereo MP3]
-Save the lines as "charactername_yourname_linenumber.mp3"

Characters –

Applicants can choose to do more than one voice for a particlular character.

Name: Jack
Age: 30 – 35
Bio: An honest, working class, American lumber Jack. He is hard working and quiet but strong minded.
Voice type: A deep, strong and manly voice spoken with a Pacific Northwest American accent
Audition line 1:
(Sarcastically with a hint of tense frustration)
Well dang it Honey! It’s not a surprise now!
But you know I love my Tuna!

Audition line 2:
(Frantic and animated)
I'm not doing anything! I'm being made to do it! Everything we do... Can’t you see this hand!? It’s controlling everything! That steak pie you're cookin', this axe in my hand... Our whole life is a fake! This probably won't even hurt since...since you ain't real...

Name: Crazy Hobo
Age: 40-50
Bio: A haggard and disheveled, crazy man who loosely resembles Jack in appearance. Little is given away about this mysterious character, however, it is clear that he has been victim to a tragic event in the past and has gone insane as a result.
Voice type: His voice is worn and strained and he is unable to finish sentences. He speaks frantically and somewhat indistinctly with erratic bursts of energy.
Audition line 1:
Help Me!... Please… I’m not in control of… it made me kill my family…(pause)…none of this is real!...

Name: Radio Presenter / Weather Reporter
Age: 55 - 65
Bio: A classy, respectable and authoritative man with graying hair and a moustache. He has reported the news and weather on Alaskan radio for many years. He likes to go hunting on his ranch at weekends.
Voice type: A silky, well-spoken middle class American voice with a Pacific North West Accent.
Audition line 1:
...Rising temperatures. The high-pressure will continue to build over the weekend and break into a storm late Sunday evening…


Name: Julia
Age: 28-33
Bio: A devoted and loving housewife who strives to maintain an idyllic home for herself and her husband. She worries about Jack whom she loves unconditionally but not blindly.
Voice type: A sweet, softly spoken Pacific Northwest American accent
Audition line 1:
Oh – and there’s a surprise for you in your lunch box today. (pause) I’ve made your favorite: Tuna sandwiches!

Audition line 2:
(Nervous, scared and worried)
…Jack? What’s wrong? (Pause) What’s wrong with you Jack? You’re not being yourself!

And again the deadline for application is: Friday 22nd May 2009

To apply please email makingmovements@hotmail.com with the title ‘online audition’

Thankyou and goodluck!

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