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 Machinima Comedy Series "Kingdom Point"
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 31, 2009 5:14 am Reply with quote Back to top

Looking for voice actors for an upcoming machinima series entitled "Kingdom Point". It's a comedy, and contains strong language for just about every character.

Audition Deadline:
-August 7.

Recording and Contact Information:
-Send auditions to dane_bckr007@yahoo.com.
-Not real picky on formats, shoot for .mp3 if you can.
-Try sending in a version of both audition lines.
-Save the lines as "charactername_yourname_linenumber.mp3" (ex: megan_saxylady99_02.mp3)

Characters Open

-Name: Jim Callum
-Age: 18
-Bio: Pure redneck cliche, or at least trying to be. He is very trigger happy, and sees any species that walks upright as fair game. Even his own.
-Voice type: As per the bio, this character is going to have a deep country accent.
-Audition line 1: The key word in that sentance was faggot.
-Audition line 2: Well my family's Christian, and I'm a God-fearing Christian as well. So I ain't really listening to much of what you have to say.

-Name: Megan Quinn
-Age: 16
-Bio: Being friends with four other guys, Megan is not one to be put into a corner. She has quite a backbone, but is very gullible and easily manipulated.
-Voice type: Nothing special. Be creative.
-Audition line 1: Why not do the easiest of all, you know, circumcisions
-Audition line 2: Seen some shit, eh? I've seen some shit, pal. Try seeing Armageddon, try seeing your friends fall apart right in front of you as the reel keeps on spinning, spinning out horrors you could never imagine. Now who's seen some shit?

Voice actors may be asked to do other characters when needed. If you would like a copy of a few scripts before commiting to the project, feel free to email me at the given email address above.
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